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Thread: Plastic Pants

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    Default Plastic Pants

    Hey just a question, but does anyone know where to get plastic pants? I really wanna try wetting a cloth diaper, but i need some plastic pants.

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    Tiger Underwear has them.

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    Babykins has good plastics.

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    Adult baby pants category on ebay. They have several on there.

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    Default They have inexpensive but good quality plastic pants and stuff. Most of mine came from there and I wear cloth as my number one diaper choice.

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    Protex is pretty good, but I would opt out of their e-mail list once they start contacting you. Otherwise, once a week for the rest of your natural life, they will be e-mailing you about specials they're running. -grin-

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    In the USA I highly recommend They usually ship the same day if your order is in early. Tho

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    Try Comco they make and sell great plastic pants. They can be reached at

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    A second for Fetware . co*, and a nod to ebay seller 3366darline for some great ones I got there.

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