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Thread: When you have to give a urine sample

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    Default When you have to give a urine sample

    I am just wondering what people who have to wear for need 24/7 do when they have a physical or have to give a urine sample for a new job or a drug test.

    I have to have a nurse take my diaper off and hold my penis into a cup until I go pee. I hate having somebody hold my penis because I've never been potty trained, [too descriptive]
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    Just out of curiosity, why can't you hold your own penis into the cup? Wouldn't that be less intrusive and more comfortable than having a nurse do it?

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    Perhaps you could ask her to hold the cup, and you touch your penis, if it makes you feel uncomfortable. It may help you feel more relaxed and less like the procedure is intrusive?

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    Can you please be a little bit less descriptive with the body parts?! There's minors around here, and we surely don't need a detailed description of your male parts.
    If you have a medical condition that makes you need assistance when peeing, it's between your doctor and yourself really. I doubt many people will have problems grabbing their penises, even if they're incontinent.

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    Jesus. I've never heard of such an intrusive urine sample. Wow.

    My shy bladder is cringing right now.

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    I'm sorry but I find this really hard to believe. If you are old enough to inline skate, play hockey, or go bowling then you are likely old enough to grab your own hang-down and aim. You're incontinent not incompetent

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    "You're incontinent not incompetent"

    nuff said...

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    Well I'll answer this for you guys as i've had to give urine samples several times and wear 24/7 out of need. They will either use a sterile catheter to collect the urine, or like i've requested many times due to catheters not being comfortable at all, you just have to be patient and stand there and wait till it happens, really not that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kronikmod View Post
    ....You're incontinent not incompetent
    You mean....there's a difference?

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