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Thread: First time wearing a nappy as an adult

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    Default First time wearing a nappy as an adult

    The first time I wore a nappy as an adult happened after reading an article about a husband being lovingly diapered by his wife. The story made me eplode in my pants and I was then on a mission to find out what it would be like. I remember going to a pharmacy in London and being really nervous. The lady on the counter did look at me when I handed her the disposable nappies and plastic pants and I must have been betroot red. When I got home, I stripped, put the nappy on, lay on my bed and humped myself red raw!! As is always the case, I felt terrible afterwards and swore I would not do it again. How many people have done that !

    I have worn nappies many times since and just love the feeling between my legs. My wife baby talks to me sometimes which really turns me on and once she put a nappy on me which made me cry. I try not to push this side of me because I love vanilla sex as much as I do being babied. I suppose a little more babying would be welcomed but you can't have everything can you?

    By the way, I think I was 27 when I re-discovered nappies.

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    Man, ADISC is full of deeker wannabes tonight! lol. Tone it down a bit bud, this is a support community, not a sex community.

    sorry to be abrupt, but anyways, about the feeling ackward afterwards, see my thread about that....


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    Well, having read this post, I do have to ask one question, aside from generally agreeing with turtleie: why did you cry when your wife diapered you?

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    um...too much information. We are not interested in how aroused diapers make you feel, what you do while wearing diapers, or what turns you on. Would you go up to a total stranger and tell him this story? That is exactly what you've done here. None of us know you, yet you've decided to share details of you and your wife's sex life. We also will not provide you with fapping material. This is ADISupportCommunity, not ADIFapCommunity. We are here to help support people struggling to accept their *B/DL desires, looking for advice on what the best diapers/pacifiers/etc. are, and seeking any kind of support, including things outside of *B/DL.

    Please, click the report button and ask a mod to close this. Look around the community a bit more to see what is acceptable to post and read the rules. If you are willing to conform to this community's rules and customs, then post an introduction after reading this article on how to make a good introduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by comfy230 View Post
    ....but you can't have everything can you?

    By the way, I think I was 27 when I re-discovered nappies.
    Do you mind if I ask a personal question, what other threads have you read since you joined in January?

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    I'm not too sure that we need to know what goes on inside your bedroom with you and your parts... I mean, go ahead and do it.. But like.. Don't make it in your first couple of posts man. (By do it I mean, go ahead and do what you want in your bedroom)

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    Seriously dude, No one here needs to hear that kind of stuff.

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    A little too much information ("exploding in my pants") for this forum which is accessible to minors. Thread closed.

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