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Thread: A physical AB/DL nursery

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    I can't be certain whether or not this is the right forum category to post this, but I couldn't think where else to put it...,

    It occurred to me, today; what am i going to do with my life?' as I sat there staring blankly at my exam paper...Anyway I thought about the future, what I want to do and, might want to do and, whatnot...For a while, I've had this little dream, this 'idea' of starting up an actual, physical ABDL...Uh...Place, like a...Motel sort of thing or a...Nursery kind of...thing

    Silly? I guess. Random? Probably...But I long to create a place; a proper place where fellow AB/Dls/TB's etc can come to, stay at, socialize with others and...yeah.

    It's just an Idea...A dream, a, contemplation. But It's something I deeply want to make happen...even if it is not likely

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    Think there's one in Montreal maybe? Kinda like them dom houses (probably have some sort of name... saw it on CSI forever ago) except for AB/DL stuff. You'd certainly get a unique variety of people coming by that's for sure. Probably need to be in a place central to some very populated places to make some solid business happen. But I dunno. Seems like a skethcy sort of operation to run, as fun or as super as it may sound. But who am I to destroy dreams?

    EGAD! Go away astronaut, ye dasher of hope. Though I would admit that I once thought it would be neat to go into space professionally orotherwise. But so did everyone else. And you can can't the lucky folks that actually get to on several hands. That's not many.

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    There are nurserys out there. Im not sure about australia where yoo lve, but I certainly know of at least 2 here in the uk, but not so much a motel more a bed and breakfast sort of scenario where someone can either pay for a couple of hours worth of baby time or stay overnight for a higher fee. I went to one to help out once as my friend worked there as a nanny and she asked if I wanted to come over and play with the people staying that day. So I did and it was good fun, I just coloured in all day and watched cartoons. it was awesome.

    Having dreams is important and I hope one day you realise yours
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    hmm. It would be nice to work at one of these places if actually starting ones own isn't an option...In Montreal? I know of that, what about on the west coast (Canada?)

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