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Thread: Girls to guys pants size conversion

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    Default Girls to guys pants size conversion

    So, I am now terribly gender confused and was wondering; what is the approximate conversion of girls skirt sizes to waist circumference? Also, what should I do about it? Do I tell anyone? Do I hide it, and, if so, how? Do I show it publicly?
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    Womens' clothing sizing is terribly subjective. One manufacturer's size 6 is another's size 2. You can try a couple of things:

    1) post your measurements here, and some of our female members may be able to recommend sizes for particular articles of clothing. Note: for pants, do both the natural waist (not where a mens' pants would ride, but the actual narrowest part of your body, probably near your navel) and the hips. Since mens' pants usually ride fairly close to the hips, only one measurement is required, but since women have a higher ratio of hips:waist, both measurements are needed. Make sure to leave a little extra room to account for anatomical differences (men, even gender-confused ones, need a little more room in the crotch)

    2) You can go to the websites of various brands. They usually have a size chart that shows what measurements their various sizes will fit, so customers can get a general idea of what size they should order. Again, make sure to account for any extra "room" needed.

    In general, womens' clothing is more tailored than mens', so fit is more critical, and some clothing may not "feel" right on you, being too tight in some areas, and too loose in others.

    For skirts, you can further do one of two things: One is to look at womens' skirts, which again will need your natural waist measurement, as that is where most are meant to be worn. The second would be to try wearing a kilt, like those from Utilikilts. It has a masculine-enough look that it won't raise quite as many eyebrows as an obviously-female skirt, while still giving you the same feeling. Bear in mind that, having worn one myself, a kilt does attract a fair amount of attention, both general and opposite-sex (if you know what I mean). That might be a "safe" way to wear unbifurcated lower apparel.

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    Well, i thought it would be a nightmare trying to horass my brother for his pants and matching my stuff with his stuff and being like @[email protected] sooo i did some searching and i hope this helps... saves having to type up 10 pages of info, keep in mind for shirts as an example... our Bust/bewbies/chest if you will is reflective as to what type of tops we can wear as well... theres plenty of outfits that might look silly on me due to being petite but fit well on girls who are alittle more full. Anyhoo... check this website out.

    Susan's Place Transgender Resources for Transsexuals and Crossdressers: Library: Opposite Sex Size?

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    I am a bit on the chunky side so my waist is 45 inches and my hips 43 inches

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    Well at one point in time I was in the whole scene/emo thing.....
    I know....
    I normally wear anywhere between 32-34.
    I wore my girlfriends jeans and she was a size 6. The were tight but i could fit in them. A size 8 would have been perfect though.
    So if I were you, I would probably try around a size 20 maybe??? I am not really sure though.
    As far as telling anyone if you want to wear females clothing is completely up to you.
    Once I go back to "Official School" in January, I plan on picking up where I left off in Psychology. More specifically, trans-gender. It fascinates me. I am not myself but I guess I like to "study" trans-gender people/cases.
    I am not sure if you are, but you wanting to wear females clothing hints towards it. I could be wrong and you might just need the info for other reasons. I have many sites you can read through and gain much more understanding if you are. Just get in touch and let me know. Cheers

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    I honestly abandoned the idea of trying to ever know what size I would wear. I mean sometimes I fit into a Junior's L or XL (wearing juniors clothing right now). But in other labels I am a Woman's L. Now I know in theory there should be a WORLD of difference between a Junior's L and a Woman's L...but for some reason sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't.

    Also the even number sizes in my experience usually work better for trans women (unless you got a body to kill for, then shake it girl with those odd numbers!). A pitty too because I have always preferred odd numbers to even.

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    From what I've gathered, a 0 in women's is around a size 16 in men's. So you go up two from those. A size 2 =18, a size 4 = 20 ect ect. At least, that's what I've been told by some females... I wish I knew more about clothing. ><

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    To DaddysLittleDefect: My understanding has always been that the odd sizes are "junior", and the evens are the "ladies" sizes. So to get a size 0 in Junior, you actually get a size 00.

    To WolfPup270: yeah, at 43 inches at the hips and 45 around the natural waist, you're probably going to need to shop the plus sizes. My comments on the "fit" of pants isn't really going to apply as your genitals (most likely) haven't kept up with the rest of your body. The "good" news, I guess, is that most undergarments for women your size will probably fit you pretty well too, without much accommodation needed. But at your size, pants aren't going to be all that different, except maybe slacks, and you're probably not going to find all that many skirts that aren't gimmicky in some way (leather, vinyl, tiny miniskirts, fake "schoolgirl" stuff etc). My guess is that most young women your size won't wear a casual skirt without leggings.

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