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Thread: What are you allergic to?

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    Default What are you allergic to?

    So... we all have allergies.... Some of us have 1 some of us have very common ones (dust) if you say you don't have it it's simply because you haven't come across it. So here are my allergies.

    Shell-Fish- I can still managed to eat crab without dying but everything else is a huge no no. Didn't always have this... started about 4 years ago. Y_Y I LOVE SHRIMP AND LOBSTER!

    Gold Filled stuff or gold plated- Can't wear that type of jewelry I'll break out in a rash.

    Old Spice deodorant- Rash!

    Bar of Soap- Make my skin really dry Y_Y But I can live with it no problem.

    Cats- When they lick themselves they leave behind some dandruff... If I touch a cat and then touch my eyes I"M SCREWED! My eye get really bulgy and start to itch.

    Basic dust and what not. (drive me insane)

    Certain Perfumes... Makes me sneeze and hard to breathe.

    I think I got all of them so far. Y_Y I feel like such a nerd...

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    Wow, that's a long list!

    As far as I know I'm not allergic to anything.

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    All nuts, penuts, and tree nuts.

    Execpt English Walnuts, thats the only one i can eat.

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    as far as I know, I only get itchy when I have my shirt off during the summer. Nothing else

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    Hmm I have none as far as I know...but there's a chance i could be allergic to Pennacillin (probly spelled that wrong)

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    Butterfly Mage


    Shellfish (since I am a vegetarian, this is not a major inconvenience to me.)

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    I also had an extremely bad reaction during the two days when I was taking Seraquel which resulted in my being hospitalized for over a week.

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    I have an allergy to:
    * calpol so yummy lol
    * aspirin
    * codine
    * paracetemol
    Think thats all :/

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    I found out the other day I'm allergic to iodine. They injected me with it at the hospital for a scan, and...yeah. Broke out in hives, could've stopped breathing...that's pretty overrated.

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