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Thread: Where to find quality diapers in Fort Collins area?

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    Default Where to find quality diapers in Fort Collins area?

    Where can I find quality (Abena, Molicare, etc.) diapers in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado?

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    Do you have access to the internet and the ability to order online?

    Whilst I don't know about buying diapers in the areas you mentioned, I do know that Abena and Molicaire diapers are found in very few actual stores. Most people have to order them online. Whilst you may be lucky enough to have a pharmacy or store selling them in your area I wouldn't count on it, ordering online will likely be easier and probably cheaper as well.

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    Truth be told, i gave up trying to get decent diapers anywhere in CO years ago.. now, i have a box on my doorstep every other week, either from XPmedical, or Northshore

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    Hey you guys I'm also from Colorado and i must say that the only way of getting good diapers here, is to just order them on-line.

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