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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Default Hello everyone

    Hello everyone

    After searching the net for ages, I believe I finally found a "home".
    I am a 20 male DL. Have been since I was really little. Always ignored it though, but now since I am on my own I am trying to really experiment with it.
    I am currently living in Japan, but I am originally from Mississippi.
    Have a ton of hobbies and lead a pretty boring life haha.
    Looking to meet some new and interesting people. Just glad there is a place where I can be me without having to worry about ridicule.

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    Hey vendetta. Welcome to ADISC.

    I know what you mean about finally finding a home. There is a lot of ignorance and fear, with an occasional pinch of hatred, out there towards people who differ from the norm. This is a prime place to be to avoid that ridicule and get some support from others in a similar situation. It's what this site is all about.

    Now, since you've found a good place here, feel free to share some of your interests and stuff with us. You say you have a ton of hobbies, so I hope you feel comfortable sharing at least a couple with us. We generally ask that as a way of starting conversations and getting to know you .

    You say you are from Mississippi but are currently in Japan? That's cool. Did you move there, or are you on a temporary stay? Either way it sounds pretty interesting, and I appreciate your desire to travel and live abroad. I haven't myself, but would love to stay someplace else, at least for a while. Good to explore the world, you know?

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Hop in wherever and get to know people.

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    I am in Japan due to work. I thought I wanted to travel the world, but now I realize it's not as fun as I thought it was going to be. It is not bad though, definitely something everyone should do once.
    Some of my big hobbies include WoW( I'm a nerd), drawing, writing, politics.
    The stuff I liked to do back home, I really cant due here. Mainly due to the fact of culture and language barrier. Kind of sucks, but I guess you learn to cope. Where abouts in MI are you? I lived there with family in the Ann Arbor area for a short stint before I moved to Japan.

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    Heyy vendetta welcome to adisc.. Well one thing I will say is my bf would be Soo jealous of you lol he so wants to move to japan! But it's expensive etc isit nice over there? Is it a nice holiday kind of resort? Or more of a living type of place if that makes any sence to you...? He is also a big fan of WoW what do you play as.. Or what server do you use? Well hope you enjoy browsing the forms and stuff x

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    Yeah it is nice. Most definitely not what I am use to. Such a different culture, language, architecture, really everything. Its almost like being in a different world haha. Yes it is expensive over here, but it is not as bad as people make it out to be. Most Japanese work two jobs and they make ends meet. It is just the lifestyle you have to get accustomed to. It is more like living. There is no resort or luxury living haha. I wish there was though.
    I play as a Druid, Warlock, Death Knight and Priest. All on Nagrand. I play WoW to much for my own good.

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    Welcome to the site vendetta. I agree with you. ADISC is the only sane site to be on if you like to wear diapers. I was reading an article that said younger people who want to move up in the corporate world must expect to work over seas. It's a world market now, so I guess you're a part of that. You will have to inform us as to how hard or easy it is to get diapers in Japan. I've heard they have vending machines for adult diapers, and that there is a growing youth movement who like to dress as little children, etc. Anyway, welcome to the site.

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    Welcome! I'm new here myself, just joined yesterday. What is Japan like? I saw the cutest little house on Google Earth there, shaped like a wedge where two alleyways converged at a sharp angle. If I moved to Japan, I'd live in an unusual house like that.

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    Ditto to all the rest of the replies. I am really new to the site as well, but already it seems like I've found a home. Although the AB/DL thing isn't understood by most, it really is out of place in the circles I'm in. Still a closely guarded secret.

    So Japan eh? I imagine its pretty urban everywhere? Is there any open spaces to just get out and breath some fresh air (other than the ocean?).

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    I understand how boring life can be, trust me on that. :p It's great that you finally found a place in which you feel at home. ^^
    Welcome to ADISC. ^^ Also, isn't there some diaperism trend over there in Japan? I think it's called 'Omorashi Omutsu' or something?

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    Hi Vendetta,

    Welcome to ADISC!

    This is definitely the best place to be in my opinion. Glad you found us!

    I have a great fascination with everything Japanese. I would love to go to Japan for a while; hopefully one day I will get the chance. It must be a great experience to live in a country that is so different from where you were born. A friend of mine lived there for 4 years, and loved every minute of it. He wants to move back at some point, and said he would take me one day when he goes back to visit his wife's family. I hope I have the money to go by then.

    One of my hobbies, or obsessions is collecting Pachinko and Pachislo machines. I have 14 Pachinko and 8 Pachislo machines in my collection. I actually had a Goku Midnight Eye Pachinko sent to me from Japan which is cool because it's the only one here in the states. I want so much to go to a Pachinko Parlor and play. Have you ever been to one?

    Also, I've played WoW in the past but work got in the way and I had to quit. I have several characters on Rexar but it's been about two years since I played. Maybe I'll jump back on now that I don't work the kind of hours I did.

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