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Thread: Amazing commissions thread

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    Default Amazing commissions thread

    Story Time! by Mikeru117 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    (I'm the lion cub :3)

    Hey guys! So this is a commission I got JUST tonight from Strawberry Neko!

    So I thought about it, and I thought I should make a thread. Have you guys ever gotten awesome commissions?

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    Awwwww very cute commission Strawberry Neko did a very nice job, sadly ive never had a commission done but that is okies

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    That is cute, it took me a while to pick out the Lion though. I always think of Lions to be kinda blond but your tail gave you away

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    I've had 2 commissions for people on dA of my fursona, not babyfur stuff though

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    I really can't justify spending that much for 1 photo. I've only got 1 commision and that was a gift.

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    I've gotten one! But it's pretty messy. Should I post it?

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    that is SO cute ! :3
    im going to get a comission from immelmann soon (guy who does concessioncomic)
    heres a link to my FA account
    Artwork Gallery for mazzafox

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