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    I was just wondering, did the site creator make the name so obscure so that if someone looked at your browser window and the following conversation occured:

    Person A: "Hey wussup"

    You: "Hey..."


    Person B: "Watcha doing?"

    You: "Not much, just surfing.. you know..."

    That if nosy person A managed to "kind of" remember, that he would screw it up in to, or, or

    hehehe... its much harder to remember than

    ANYWAYYYY just a thought ^.^

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    That's a great thought, I've been wondering the samething. ADISC to me at first sounded more like a business than being a TB website. Maybe the name is used to trick others thinking that it is a different website but not TB realated so that way there would be less risk on getting caught on a TB website. Just a guess.

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    We needed a new name for the site due to some undisclosed reasons. Someone camed up with DISC = Diaper and Infantilism Support Community, and since that URL was already taken, we added the A. Et voilá - was born.

    As an added benefit, ADISC looks inconspicious rather than anything related to AB, TB or DL in the name. For all people know, it could be about computer hardware or music discs.


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    Adult Diaper and Infantilism Support Community?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Adult Diaper and Infantilism Support Community?
    No, look at the logo at the top left corner of your screen and read for yourself


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    Adult Baby [teen baby] Diaper [lover] Incontinence Support Community.

    Hummm why not ABTBDLICSD xD LOL!!!! I'd never remember that.

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    Well I for one (as an adult of 48) appreciate the inclusion of adults. The old TBDL shut me out and asked for more personal information than I was willing to give over the net to get back in. Call it anything you like, this is the BEST group of diaper enthusiasts I have met since the old “Wetville” forum.
    Thanks to the owners. Mods and members here!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    No, look at the logo at the top left corner of your screen and read for yourself

    I thought that would make more since as a name.

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    I for one like this name a lot, as it is the most original diaper-related site name that I have ever seen, and helps if you ever have issues with someone looking at your screen or even your browser history if you forget to clear it.

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