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Thread: What kinda wipes?

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    Default What kinda wipes?

    I've never used wipes before, and I'm looking to buy them for the first time. What do you guys use? Any particular good/bad brands to look out for? Do you use adult-size wipes or baby wipes? Any insight is mucho appreciated.

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    I use the unscented extra thick ones and actually got them for reasons completely unrelated to *B/DL

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    I make sure to get biodegradable ones, they are good for the environment, often flushable and good for sensitive skin too.

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    kirkland brand (from costco), baby wipes. all we ever used for the kids, work just as well for big kids.

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    I used Cottenell wipes for a while, but XP Medical sells Medline wipes which I have not tried.

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    I generally use Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes. They have different scents, and come in an awesome looking purple and green container that keeps them from drying out.

    If I find myself in an icky situation, I use regular unscented baby wipes with aloe, as they are sturdier than the flushables.

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    I like either the pampers lavender scent or the pampers baby fresh scent.

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    You know I was thinking of making a thread. I use pampers simply clean while they smell nice. Aren't that great so I'm looking into recomendations.

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    I am using the little angels( not that i am ) range from Asda at the moment, they do them both in scented & unscented as well. Their fragranced nappy sacks are more than able to accommodate the nappies i use during the day

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    Kirkland from Costco is the best i have found. They come in indvidual resealable packs, great for traveling.

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