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Thread: What did you have for dinner?

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    Default What did you have for dinner?

    In the irc I have noticed that people quite often leave the chat for a while to go and make or eat dinner, and I find it really interesting to hear what everyone's having for dinner. It's interesting to hear what people from so many different countries and of so many ages/situations etc cook for themselves (or have cooked for themselves).

    So, what did you last have for dinner?

    Usually on a Saturday I have take-away, but as my housemate isn't here instead I had to cook for myself. I couldn't decide what to have, but then realised I had lots of things sitting in my fridge that needed to be eaten. So I had stir-fried vegetables (green beans, carrots, red pepper, pak choi) with halloumi and pineapple in a kind of peanut/soy-sauce/coconut/plum sauce (basically just a random mixture of things I had in my fridge/cupboards). Anyway, despite being a meal I cooked to use up the things that needed eating up it was actually really tasty.

    For pudding I am just going to have a yoghurt. No exciting cakes or tarts or pies or even ice-cream for me

    How about you? What did you have?

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    I had Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was having dinner with my parents, so I picked some up on the way for them, too! I love visiting them during take-out night!

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    I had some chicken and LOADS of potato's baked in a herb and garlic sauce. It's just so creamy, and so nice cooking them in the sauce. Sounds kind of plain but the taste is just amazing.

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    I was going to order a pizza but I just eared up some pasta in the microwave instead.

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    My Dad made a veg stew with dumplings. Potato, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato etc. We don't normally have afters but somebody gave my Mum a massive bag of apples so she made this apple pudding thing. I didn't have any of that though, I had some of my secret Thornton's icecream stash.

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    probably going to frequent this thread a lot xD. Last night I took some corn, a can of tomato soup, and a little pasta and made a sort of spicy soup out of it, with some cheese on top. Came out a lot hotter then I thought it would, but tasted good.

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    I put chicken wings in an oven dish with a tin of chicken soup and sliced potato, and baked for a bout 3 hours so the chicken falls of the bone and had some rice with it. Spiced with a little chilli and garlic.

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    Leftover spaghetti casserole (baked) that I made last night, tossed salad and warm bread (no garlic). It was good both nights!

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    For lunch, I had ravioli and a Swedish meatball TV dinner.

    For supper, I had hamburgers and corn.

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