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Thread: Anyone with in depth online ordering experience?

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    Default Anyone with in depth online ordering experience?

    My question is very specific and I doubt people will be able to answer me due to that
    But here it goes...
    I live over seas and I am wanting to order from xpmedical. All packages have to go through customs and due to that, discreet shipping becomes well not so discreet. I placed a order through Bambino and received a email saying that they have to put the companies name and the item description "sanitary pulp" or something along those lines. So I canceled the order. The thing is, I need it to be discreet. I have to pick up my packages and well due to certain circumstances it might not end well. So does anyone have any experience with my situation? I have the feeling I am just going to have to order and see what happens.

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    well, either you need to find an in-country supplier, whereever you are, or you will have to deal with customs docs.. there is really no way around that.

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    What country are you in? Do you have to order from XPmedical? Apart from Dry 24/7 I believe the other diaper brands they provide are available from websites outside of the US.

    I live in the UK and wanted to try Dry 24/7 so emailed XP medical to find out how much shipping would cost (way too much!) and I had a very quick response. I suggest you email them to ask what they would need to put on their customs form, and if it is something vague such as 'sanitary pulp' think of an excuse as to what could be inside. For example, you could be buying those absorbent mats to use in the car to put your boots on so as not to ruin the carpets.

    Perhaps you could also consider having the package delivered to a post box or something instead of your home to avoid anybody you know seeing the package.

    Good luck

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    Thanks babyjess for the info. They are closed due to the weekends >< I stayed up extra late due to the time zone just to find out its Saturday morning over there.....
    Yes the shipping cost is not horrible for me, but it is not great either. It is like $17.00 or so for $25 dollars worth of samples.(I am just now making my first step to obtaining diapers. Been a DL since uhh 6 or 7 and now 21 haha). So I am making sure I find the right size and diaper I want. Sure everyone has been there.
    I didnt think about making up excuses... Not a bad idea haha. What site do you use?

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    Oh, that's not so bad. It was going to cost me $58 just to ship a $32 pack of 18 diapers, meaning they'd have ended up costing me $5 a diaper. I've heard dry 24/7 are good, but I'm sure they're not that good.

    I usually order my diapers from Dorset Nursing Supplies in the UK (Nursing Suppliers | Nursing Home Supplies) who are I think one of the cheapest places in the UK for Tena, Molicaire and Abena and they ship discreetly. They don't offer any samples though and I don't know if they ship outside of the UK.

    Whilst I understand you may not wish to disclose your location, if you do you may find you're able to get more specific advice from somebody else in your country. We have AB/DLs from all over the world here, and whilst I don't have a clue about ordering diapers within Australia or Asia for example I'm sure someone on here might.

    You also might find these two articles in the wiki helpful: Ordering online - ADISC Wiki
    Getting diapers - ADISC Wiki
    They have more information about ordering online and links to some other websites from which you can order diapers, including sites in the US, Australia and Europe.

    Good luck getting diapers!

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    Default I say just go for it

    You have to remember customs gets millions of items through their depots every day, they don't really care what they are, who's buying them or what your going to do with them. They probably have 100 million adult nappies go through customs every year (mostly through large scale importers) they're not going to care so long as there is nothing illegal in the order. Just go for it, if they ask what is in the package - tell them, if they ask what is the intended purpose of the items say "To stop my pants from being soaked in pee.". You are not doing anything wrong and the only person who can allow you to be embarrassed is you. Order up, diaper up and don't allow others to stop you having fun.

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    I'm confused, you list your location as "United States" what's the problem?

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    Yes I am from the United States. My job has sent me overseas for a little bit. I am currently living in Japan. Have only like a year and 5 months left
    So that is why it says I am from United States. I figured that was more appropriate.
    I will look at those guides and see if I can find any new info. I tried placing a order with XPmedical last night and for some reason it kept on saying my VCC2 was incorrect on my credit card. Needless to say I now have to call to place a order. >< So I guess I can ask them about their shipping while placing a order. All works out.

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    If anyone can do it, XP Medical can. That company has the best service of ANY on-line vendor I've ever ordered from. Just outstanding.

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    I have ONLY heard good things about them. That is why I have decided to use them for my first buying experience. Plus, they have all the products I have been reading about and want to try.

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