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Thread: Guess I should say hi :)

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    Smile Guess I should say hi :)

    My name is Sammy, but i'm going by Gem here as she's my little baby squirrel persona and I think it would be interesting to see how she develops if given the space to do so.

    In reality i'm a married woman who lives in England with her husband and two cats. I work in a lab testing mud and in my free time I perform comedy songs around london, gigging with some fairly famous people, I study for an open university degree, draw, crochet and i'm almost finished writing my first novel.

    I'm an AB first and foremost and have been ever since I was about 8 years old. (i'm 29 now) Ive been wearing nappies 24/7 for the past 6 years. My whole family knows i'm AB and none of them have ever had a problem with it, most of my friends know too. My husband doubles up as my daddy figure. Its not a sexual thing for us, its more about stress relief and going back to a time of innocence. My baby side is 18 months old she can be in one of two dfferent mindsets, one where shes feeling pretty energetc and wants to splash in puddles and pick up bugs and stuff and the other is when shes being really quiet and she just wants hugs and something soft and fluffy to chew on and a gentle lullabye. Shes a very real part of me and these days i've come to accept who I am and I wouldnt get rid of her for all the money in the world.

    I'd really like to make some friends to play with. My daddy has been away a lot working on a train (he does train preservation in his free time) So i've been feeling kinda lost without him.

    I'm a good girl mosta the time. I'm not very good at being a girly girl though, prefering making forts and searching for treasure rather than playing with dolls.

    Nice ta meetcha. I hope we can be friends.


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    Nice to meet you, Gem, and welcome.

    I'm very happy to see that I'm not the one who loves splashing in puddles.

    You're very lucky if no one annoy you with your interest in nappies. (I know my own family will never understand this.)

    I hope you'll find in this forum the friendship you're looking for.

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    Hi Gem,

    Yay that you're from the UK! Always good to have someone else join us, you should join the special UK-DISC group and come talk about tea with us! UK-DISC -

    Anyway, wow, what a wonderful intro! You life sounds so interesting - performing comedy songs around London? Wow! I am so intrigued as to the famous people you have met. Also, you have two cats, which makes you an instant winner in my book! How old are they and what do they look like? Cats are one of my best things ever (although I like squirrels too! I saw one yesterday and stopped to watch it for ages, even though they're not even that uncommon they still captivate my interest for ages each time I see one), I only have the one but I adore her - she is totally spoilt. That's her in my avatar, she's a beautiful stripey tabby, but with the cutest spots all over her tummy.

    I am so jealous that you can crochet! I really want to learn, but alas, I don't know anybody who can teach me and I suck at learning anything from books or videos. I have some lovely books full of beautiful crochet patterns for the cutest little toy animals but all I can do is flick through the books and dream of being able to make them! Hehe. I am adamant though that I will learn to crochet and make all the lovely things at some point. I finally learnt to knit last year having wanted to for ages, so hopefully crocheting will happen eventually.

    Anyway, lovely to meet you. Congrats on a really interesting intro, and I look forward to seeing you around the forum and hearing more from you

    Oh, and if you're looking to make friends then come drop by the chatroom (found by following the 'chat' link at the top of the page), it can be a little overwhelming at first, but it's a great way to get to know people on here

    Jess xxxx

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    Awesome! I joined the group you suggested Jess, I just hafta wait to be moderated now. Our cats are about 13 now, they look black but on closer inspection theyre actually really really dark brown. Quite thick furred little things. They tend to just sleep a lot and not do very much. I cant post links at the moment so cant show you the sort of stuff I crochet yet but its things like punk snails and caravans and dinosaurs and stuff. Hehe. I havent picked up a hook in ages because i've been concentrating more on my artwork and writing more recently.
    The way I taught myself to crochet was by going on youtube and looking up granny square tutorials. Thats a really easy way to learn the basic stitch and with making amigurumi animals (which is what I think your talking about) all you need is the basic stitch so you'd be able to make things no problem from that point on.

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    Wonderful intro ikklesammy. It's great when you feel like you start to know a person from their first intro. Welcome to ADISC. Comedy, guitar and songs! That sounds like too much fun! I did stand-up for a time and play guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, etc., build instruments and write music. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts.

    So you have 13 cats? or they are 13 months or 13 years old? We have no indoor house pets. Every year some pregnant cat wanders onto our property and gives birth to a litter of kittens in our barn. We never worried about a cat population explosion though because of the numerous predators in our the woods around our house. Kittens would be born and generally get picked off one by one by the fox, skunk, bobcat, coyote and mountain lions. In a good year only one kitten survives to adulthood. That was until this last spring, our girl tiger-striped cat (whom we feed our table scraps to) survived two winters and then had her first litter of kittens. Due to her diligence and excellent mothering skills, we now have four mostly full grown grey and white kittens. We have now been forced to resort to buying dry cat food to supplement the cats' diet! It snowed today, but I would guess these five cats will survive the winter predators and all.

    Again, welcome to our community!

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    I have 2 cats, but they're 13 years old so would that make 1 cat who'se 26? That'd be a really really old cat. Sorry me being random. Living in the UK we dont really have skunks or lions or anything like that. we do have foxes though, but i've never heard of them eating cats. I guess cause the foxes live in urban areas they kinda get used to dogs and cats. I dunno.

    I'd love to be able to play banjo. It has such an amazng sound. On sunday nights occasionally n my local pub a couple of irish guys pop down with a banjo and a penny whistle and sing old irish shanty songs which are amazing. I taught myself to play guitar so i'm no master, not by a long shot I actually have a song about how stumpy my fingers are that I cant play bar chords hehehe. It's a shame I cant post links yet cause I could show you some of my music on youtube. but if you type "the kitkat song" into google or youtube search it should be the first thing that pops up. A stop animation involving kitkats. Nestle wrote to me and sent me a large box of 48 4 fingered kitkats which I thought was quite funny as they prolly didnt listen to some of the lyrics where I kinda diss Nestle but hey, free kitkats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikklesammy View Post
    It's a shame I cant post links yet cause I could show you some of my music on youtube. but if you type "the kitkat song" into google or youtube search it should be the first thing that pops up. A stop animation involving kitkats. Nestle wrote to me and sent me a large box of 48 4 fingered kitkats which I thought was quite funny as they prolly didnt listen to some of the lyrics where I kinda diss Nestle but hey, free kitkats!
    Just gave it a listen Such a catchy tune! I will be singing it all day now. (even though I don't really like kitkats )

    *kitkat kitkat*

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    Wooop more uk abdls! Thats so awesome the population here seems to be getting bigger that's so cool well welcome to adisc x

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    *does a happy little dance* Yeah I havent seen a community this large in UK people in a very long time. It's awesome to see and actually has me pretty excited

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