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Thread: bedwetting a sign of night incont?

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    Default bedwetting a sign of night incont?

    Okay, so last night I had a dream, and at the end of it, I went to the restrooms. I started peeing and then woke up, and was wetting the bed. I didn't have on a diaper. Could this become permanent?

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    This happened to me once about two years ago. It was the first and only time I can ever recall wetting the bed. It hasn't happened since.

    If it doesn't happen again then I really wouldn't worry about it - it may just be that since joining an AB/DL community you have been thinking about wearing diapers more and this is transferring into your dreams. I think that is what happened to me, although I wasn't wearing a diaper at the time I had been thinking about it more. f you have been wearing a lot lately it could be that your body has got a little too relaxed about going outside of the toilet, and thus the dream caused you to let go. If you think you might've been wearing more than usual lately and that that could be a cause, maybe try to cut back for a while. But it could just be something that happened out of the blue for no reason - I have non AB/DL friends who I know have wet the bed on occasion as adults, and I think most people have had a dream in which they were peeing, only to wake up and find they were peeing at least once. If it doesn't happen again and you don't notice any other problems I would just write it off as a random incident.

    However, if it happens again, becomes a regular occurrence or you notice other issues (daytime wetting, stinging/burning when you pee etc) then it could be a sign of a problem, and I would recommend seeing a doctor. It might be that there is something causing it, such as a UTI, or it could be that a problem such as stress is causing you to wet the bed. If you have a history of bedwetting then that would certainly be something worth sharing with your doctor as well.

    In the meantime though, I wouldn't worry about it, and just make sure you do all the obvious things to try and avoid it happening again (use the bathroom before bed, no caffeine/alcohol, don't drink too close to bedtime etc) and hope it's just a random incident.

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    Like Babyjess have said, do not worry too much about it. It happened to me twice in the same week but it was nothing more than incidents, exactly like yours, dreaming of the restrooms and waking up wetting the bed. ( I was stressed because of my exams, and I became more and more stressed after that because more than anything I didn't want my parents to know about this).

    Fortunately it never happens again, so maybe just try to relax and it will be OK.

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    Probably not. I wouldn't worry unless this happens more then once.

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    I've had countless dreams in which I was wetting myself/diaper or going to the bathroom knowing this was bound to go wrong when I wake up.
    I somehow know when I'm dreaming that I'm dreaming...inception wtf!...but I always wake up dry :P

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    I think this happens to everybody at least once. Just like how some people piss their pants when they get drunk. It doesn't really mean anything, but if it happens again (and I don't mean in like 2 years), you might wanna look into it.

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    Sometimes I have the tendency to bedwet. I have been like this for a very long time, many years as a matter of fact. I would not necessarily say it is permanent though. That really does depend on the person i think. I used to not bedwet, but then continued once again after i was able to buy my own diapers. For me it might be continue so long as I wear diapers. I go to bed dry and wake up with a wet diaper. When I dont have them i dont seem to bed wet much or at all. For me, diapers make all the difference and I wear them often so im used to just going whenever, so that gave me the tendency to bedwet i think. It might be different for you though

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    Okay, so monday morning I woke up in a wet diaper. That makes the second time in the same week.

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    It's probably just wet dreams. They happen to everyone; even non-tbdl's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBLeslie View Post
    Okay, so last night I had a dream, and at the end of it, I went to the restrooms. I started peeing and then woke up, and was wetting the bed. I didn't have on a diaper. Could this become permanent?
    This actually makes me feel a lot better about my own bed wetting. Every time I ever remember wetting the bed (And it happened every year up until I was twenty. . .) I had a very similar dream. My ex claimed I wet the bed a few times when we were together, but I don't remember those myself, so no opinion.

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