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    Currently working in a clothing warehouse for a major retail chain, it's nothing spectacular I know but in this economic climate you take anything you can get. We mostly just scan/tag clothes and get them ready to be driven out to the store, but interestingly I work on the kids clothes section, so I have ample opportunity to peruse the toddler/kids stuff. One thing that's struck me is that baby and little kids clothes seem to be getting less babyish. Apart from handful of cartoon print stuff and a couple of Bib + brace overalls/dungarees, everything is just adult clothing in much smaller sizes. Honestly, sequined black dresses, pinstripe shirts and waistcoats for babies? Wtf!!! 75% of the clothes in the kids section could be blown up to adult sizes and I wouldn't bat an eyelid if my mum and dad were wearing them. Maybe it's just because the clothing store I work for is kind of expensive, but what happened to babies dressing like babies with cute pictures of teddies on onesies and what not?

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    Yes, that is a trend I have noticed down here in Australia, (where we are heading towards summer and the holidays).
    Except for every small babies and their onesies, the majority of children’s' clothes these days, are just scaled down adult attire. Why? Do we want them to grow up before they are old enough?
    Maybe if we wait long enough the fashion trend may swing back the other way?

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    Have you ever looked at Next? Their online shop goes from age 3-16 years old so the stuff the 3 years olds wear you can get in age 16, but the age 16 size stuff is massive. I got a really cute jumper with cute embroidered kitties all over it and a dungaree dress with embroidery on it, that looks like it should be for a 3 year old, well it is for a three year old but because theyve done it for 16 years old too it swamped me. I had to send it back and get the 12-13 year old version which fts great. the jumper I have to roll the sleeves up on it but that just makes me feel more like a kid who still has some growing to do. Hehehe.

    Also Apparantly according to the news the other day theres some new fashion trend going on where qute a few celebrities have endorsed this adult babygrow (sorta like a footed sleeper but without the feet) and they've been wearing them outside walking their dogs and such wearing these ...I cant post links cause im not an established member yet but just google "adult baby gro fashion" and you'll see what I mean.

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    I've occasionally noticed this with pacifiers. For example, I've seen pacifiers with "Rock Star", "Stud Muffin", or skulls and crossbones on them. It's rather weird, I personally think, and I'd rather stick with my pastel blue and white nuk pacifer.

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    every where you look its becoming evident that todays parents are in a beat the jones' race to have their babies/toddlers grow up......every thing from bottle breaking to potty training babies at age one......and then you notice baby diapers are getting thinner and more discreet and designer brands are coming out that try and mask the fact its a diaper....its almost as if the time period of childhood is slowly being killed off.....very sad

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    What's kind of interesting about this trend is that it may result in more AB/DL people in the world. I'm no psychology major, but it would make sense that depriving someone of their childhood will make them want to return to it, and as the lines between normal and abnormal slowly blur, some day AB could be just as accepted as much of the homosexual population is today.

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