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Thread: Howdy and Indroduction

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    Cool Howdy and Indroduction

    Howdy ya all,

    Allow me to give a brief (pardon the pun) introduction of myself.

    First, this is quite new to me (as far as sharing my diaper desires). You see, I don't think my background is such that normally one would associate with my diaper wearing side.

    I you were to meet me on the street, you would see a rugged, yet gentle cowboy, who rides horses, fixes fences, and enjoys the hard work and sweat of western life. Yet in my alter ego, I cannot shake the need to return to my infancy at times to cuddle with a teddy bear and enjoy the soft, warm comfort that wearing a diaper can bring.

    I decided to join with the hope to gain a better understanding of this "more cuddly" side of me through reviewing posts of others and sharing a few experiences of my own.

    I am as straight as a bar on a branding iron. I simply hope to better understand this part of me that seems so different from everything else that I am or want to be.


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    Nice to see you here. And welcome to.

    Favorite diaper?

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    That Depends (lol). Actually, it probably is, simply because it is readilly available at stores.

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    Heya Cowboy Bearcub, nice to meet ya. Sounds pretty unique to hear about a padded cowboy, I think it could even be a first. Hopefully you will be able to open yourself up and let loose on your babyish side and feel comfortable here. I hope you enjoy your stay here

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    Thanks Toddy,

    I still feel a bit nervous. But the main reason I decided to even join was that it appears there is a good group of folks here. It appears that most everyone is here to help and support each other. There are some great posts and it seems refreshing to talk with others that have this same interest. Its not something you can normally just talk about at roundup time.

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    Welcome Cowboybearcub. It's quite interesting to feel the need for that comfy/cuddly space time. Look forward to your contribution.

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