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    Really glad i found this site, been lurking around and reading up on threads for a while but have not had the guts to post anything myself

    Im a guy in the mid 20's from scandinavia and one of my bigger interests are PC and console gaming.

    This looks like a great community, and i hope to be able to contribute to the site in the future

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    Hello babytoaster, welcome to ADISC

    What would your favorite PC game be? Mine is Diablo2 Lord of Destruction.

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    Oh man Wolfy, I've played all the Diablos at all three levels. It was my favorite game. Babytoaster, I'm always so impressed at how well our members from non English speaking countries do so well with the English language. Well done and welcome to the site. As you know, we discuss so many different things here on adisc, and I hope you will enjoy posting and expressing yourself.

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    Scandanavian... that's a first; but sweeeeet. Someone remind me to make a "We have sexy/awesome accent's" Club sometime soon.

    As the others said, welcome and what have you.

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    A first? Theres more then a few members from the Scandinavian countries here.

    Welcome to Adisc babytoaster (mmmm toast)

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    *puts two pieces of white bread inside baby toaster and wait anxiously for his toast* So what is a baby toaster exactly just a small tiny 1 slot toaster? Anyways welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your stay

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