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Thread: The stereotypical AB/DL?

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    Question The stereotypical AB/DL?

    Okay... this has been on my mind lately... so I've gotta ask. Just to satisfy my curiosity.

    Most pics, vids, and descriptions I see of AB/DLs online show white people... typically males... engaged in this activity. We all know that female AB/DLs do exist... but are in a minority.

    So what about Black AB/DLs? Or people of Latino, Asian, or Native heritage? I have noticed that we have several non-white members on the site here... and I think that's great. I had just always assumed that being AB/DL was a "white" thing... be it genetic or whatever.

    I am merely interested in seeing what percentage of each race we have represented among us here. So please vote appropriately in the poll up there... and don't take it the wrong way. I purposely made the categories very generalised.

    Also... the poll votes are anonymous... so noone can see who voted for what.

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    No offense to those of different ethnic backgrounds when I say this but:

    Most 'coloured' families are less accepting than those of white origins, this is USUALLY down to religion, with blacks and asians having fear of death held over their heads at the even slightest shame to the family. Indians especially, being gay or bisexual/not normal is enough to have you completely disowned.

    Primarily, it comes down to enforced mindsets of the race and who they are culturally, and as most people of different ethnicity have more of a 'culture' than white people, acceptance is generally harder to find, or in the cases that acceptance is available, the person in question is too scared to come out because of friends/family who are part of a culture that would have them hung drawn and quartered.

    I just want to note though, I've tried my very best here not to sound racist at all, this comes from personal opinion on what I've seen amongst my friends, and not assumptions.

    If you are offended by any of this post, tell me how I should rephrase the sections you dislike and I'll go ahead and fix it for you.

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    Well... I'm white - a strictly Western European heritage - and I'm male, so I guess I fall into the majority here.

    I can see what you are saying about this fetish being a white-male majority. I could say that 95% of my contact with people within this fetish have fallen into that category. On the point about race, I honestly don't know what that could be, I can only assume. I think with ethnicities there are a lot of stereotypes that pertain to how the men must act within that group. Within the black subculture, a stereotype is that they are stocky men, built physically very well and are "street tough" - not the ideal image for someone within this fetish.

    Yes, the same is true with Caucasian people, but not to such a large degree. A white person can be stereotypified as a simple office worker, a musician, a construction worker, anything! This provides a greater array of fields that would seem much more appropriate to fit this fetish. Without such a "tough guy" image to uphold, perhaps they are more psychologically susceptible to having an innocent aura about them.

    Moving on to the point about being majority male... I believe I once read somewhere that since this fetish is a sexual thing for a lot of it's members, the reason why it's so male dominated is because our sexual organs are on the outside of our body. The feeling of a diaper is a lot more stimulating to us (because it's in direct contact with our manhood) as opposed to a female, who doesn't have as much sensitivity on the outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    The feeling of a diaper is a lot more stimulating to us (because it's in direct contact with our manhood) as opposed to a female, who doesn't have as much sensitivity on the outside.
    In my experience... females are just as sensitive to stimulation on the outsides around their genital area as the males are.

    Ladies... feel free to chime in on this one...

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    Failing that, then perhaps the feeling of having our stuff enveloped. That feeling of tightness and restrictiveness may also be appealing. It does go in a similar direction to sex itself.

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    I'm white but I do have some native american in my blood line.

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    I'm white, which is what I voted.
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    I clicked "white", although I'm also "native". Because whites have always lived here


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    Yeah... "Native" doesn't really make any sense.

    Anyway I'm white too. I have no idea why white seems to be the majority amongst *Bs...

    Maybe the concept of babyhood is more predominate in white families? But then that's generalising...

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    I'm white (western-European descent) so that's what I voted. I'm also female, so I guess that puts me in the minority. That said...people of different cultures are exposed to different things...I think you will find that *BDL-ism (for want of a better way to express it) is quite acceptable in Japan.

    Since it's something primarily kept behind closed doors, it's not really something that the majority of people know about or experience. For instance, my 'daddy' had never heard of ABDL or infantilism until he met me (actually I knew him for over a year before I told him). He was quite interested in the concept and I showed him some of the articles at Bittergrey's site Understanding Infantilism. Oh, 'n for those who don't know, my 'daddy' is Saudi!

    I guess you never know who might want to be involved in this until you talk to them about it, but most of us have a fear of talking about it to anyone!

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