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    Hey guys and gals, I'm new to all this so bear with me! (Yes I am using the cheat sheet XD) Well I think I am a not so typical 19 yo boy, for a few interesting reasons! I (unfortunately) didnt finish my high school (seriously, stay in school kids) and went directly to work. Luckily I really enjoy what I do, Troubleshooting of Electromechanical Welding Systems, aka I fix welding machines :P . I LOVE electricity, electronics, mechanics, conceptual design and just working with my hands!

    My other main interest is MUSIC , both making and listening. I can play almost any instrument, but generally I play bass, guitar and drums. I listen to and enjoy almost every type of music, except pop (sorry lady gaga fans). I particularly enjoy classic rock and alternative, electronic music also(viva la dubstep!)

    now for my "other" interests.... Well I'm totally new to diapers, although I've been curious about them for some time! My kinky side started a long time ago with my main interest which is rubber , it was and still for the most part a comfort thing, like diapers for alot of you (and me now ). Of course when puberty hit well it kinda.. expanded a bit LOL. Recently I randomly found this site and started thinking about diapers again, and acting like a baby, which I enjoy ALOT, so after going out and getting some Depends Maximum Protection and a cute purple nuk paci, here I am

    I joined so I could talk and make friends with open, like-minded people. So I could learn more about being a teen/adult baby, but most of all because you all seem really nice and friendly and understanding

    how was that?

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    Welcome to ADISC That was great! It's always good when new members use the cheat sheet - it suggest that you've taken a while to look around first before jumping in and making an introduction, so bonus points to you!

    Wow, you sound very musical. Do you make music on your own, or do you play in a band at all? I love listening to music, but I am completely unmusical when it comes to making my own. I learnt piano for about 3 years as a child, but didn't even come close to reaching grade 1. I also learnt the recorder at school, I was so bad at it that my teachers decided it was for the best if me and a handful of other students didn't join in with the rest of the class as we were holding them back, and so instead of recorder lessons we got to write stories instead, which personally I was thrilled about as I hated recorder-playing and loved creative writing. I'm afraid that I don't really understand music-genre very well, I'm not quite sure what fits under the umbrella of classic rock or alternative, but who are a few of your favourite bands or artists? Have you seen many of your favourites live? If so, what was your favourite live show?

    Anyway, I hope that this website will be able to help you in understanding yourself as a teen baby, I'm quietly confident that it will - if you have any burning questions which don't seem to have already been asked then just ask and everyone here is really friendly and should be able to offer you advice, insight, suggestions or experiences etc to help you with figuring anything you

    Finally, if you're looking to make friends and meet like-minded people then you may wish to take a look in the groups section (Groups - to see if there are any you'd be interested in joining. Secondly, come and drop into the chatroom sometimes (found through the 'chat' link at the top of every page), it can be a little overwhelming in there at first, but we're all very friendly and it's a great way to get talking to people.

    Anyhow, great intro and I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hey, Welcome to the site! I gotta say, damn man I like you already
    From one drummer to another, have a good time on the site. Any questions or problems, just drop me a visitor message.

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    I never liked flute myself! Classic rock would be Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and The Beatles for example , and alternative would be Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and Beck for example (at least in my opinion)

    thanks for the great welcome from everyone so far :3

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    Ooh, Radiohead are my ultimate favourite band ever! I am so excited that they are bringing out a new album soon, hopefully it will mean another tour. I saw them live once and they were without a doubt the greatest band I have ever seen so really want to see them again. I also love Pink Floyd and The Beatles and NIN, although not such a fan of Led Zeppelin or Beck myself.

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    I haven't had the pleasure to see Radiohead live yet but I'm planning on catching them on the next tour! I've seen NIN live tho, it was amazing!! My favorite live show so far was Roger Waters (Pink Floyd's bassist) on his Dark Side of the Moon tour, I'm still speechless and it was almost 2 years ago!

    thanks balancedchaos! Beck is awsum!

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