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Thread: Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it soon.

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    Default Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it soon.

    Well...despite years of hell spent with my family, I'm making my first trip "home" this's been a year.

    Why am I going back to my abusive alcoholic stepmom and my apparently blind father? Simply because I am tired...I'm tired of jumping place to place, friend to friend trying to keep shelter every time our residence halls close, when all I really want is some stability. Someplace where I don't have to pay to do little bits of laundry while not knowing what sleeping arrangement I'm going to have on what day. Despite my friends advising against it, I'm going to do it...I'm scared, yes, but I have some weapons in my purse if I need them as well as my cell phone in order to call the police.

    I am very frightened, but I don't know what else to do. This will probably be a very long week...

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    Sounds more like a chore than a pleasant trip to me. But I guess it can't hurt to check on what's going on at the home front, even if I would have suggested asking around if any of your friends feel like taking you home to their family for the closed halls. I understand your reasoning though about lacking the stability in a situation like that. Maybe your family can muster enough strength to give that to you for the week or however long you'll be there.

    Good luck!


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    Well, this is is a truely difficult topic and i feel really sad reading this being another fly on the wall in the fact that that i along with probably everyone else seeing this cant physically be there to make things easier but.. i will do my best to provide what advice i can...

    First, enter the situation with a commanding position. If your mom is indeed an abusive alcoholic then your best bet is to not allow her into a dominant position in any situation, if she wants to confront you about an issue force her to agree to sitting down and talking about it in an organised non fighting matter.

    Also, i sincerely suggest that it is the absolute last ditch end of story effort to use a weapon. Statistics (not made up ones) show that your more likely to be overpowered and have your weapon used against you if they outweigh you and your not trained properly to handle it and that would be a horrifying thought. I suggest running as your best plan of action, and dont wait for law enforcement until your in a temporarily safe situation because they take awhile to show up.

    I am completely with your friends in the sence i truely truely dont think going back to that kind of atmasphere will be benefitial however if you believe it is a nessesary evil then i am going to support yea no matter what and you should never be afraid to ask for help or if you need some one to talk to feel free to PM me and stuff and i would be happy to get ahold of you via messenger or what ever.

    Be safe BabyRaimuneko,

    Chiharu :3

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    I really don't think you should go back (talked about it earlier but didn't know it was this bad), even if it is a more stable place then where you at now. Is there no other options between the two?

    I hope nothing happens to you though *big huggles*

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    ....Wow, well I really hope the weekend was bareable.

    I know what you mean though, about the hassle of going to collage while being homeless and having to work a job. I used to get sooo mad every year when I would read the place where they would say "parental contribution" in my financial aid because what it should have said was "Other Money Student Needs to Work for". My parents were middle class too, so I couldn't get work studies

    At least this stay is just over the holidays??? (I hope).

    I really hope too that in this instance, things do not come down to you defending yourself...but if they do. You should proably flee while doing the least amount of damage to your agressor. Even if you can win that fight, it is a war you ultimatly cannot win through violence.

    Keep your friends as close to your heart as you can, and again I say, if you have to, get out.


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    woo, good for you Rai. I won't be going home until Christmas

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