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Thread: Pleasantly surprised with Attends

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    Default Pleasantly surprised with Attends

    I have been having issues with my pharmacy and their supplies; they are non longer able to order to brief I used overnight (Molicare Super Plus), so I got stuck with some Comfort-Aire while they wait for some samples from other companies. I suggested I send back the comfort-aire and get the attends waistband for the time being, since the comfort aire was soaking my bed virtually every night and the attends just came in today. It has been a long time since i used Attends, so I was a bit dubious when I opened the bag and noticed it didn't look as 'reliable' as it once was.
    So, being sick and tired of doing laundry for the past month every day, I tried one on and drank a litre of water and waited to nature to take it's course (must say, it's the first time I've ever intentionally wet myself... what an odd sensation)!
    Anyway, details aside, I'm impressed. I have FLOODED this thing and it didn't leak. I even attempted sitting down, to type this, since I need to know how it will hold up in bed (I wanted to try it out ASAP so I could contact the pharmacy before tomorrow if there were any problems), and no seepage! Now, I am going to have to go change since I really feel awkward sitting, intentionally, in my own urine, but, I wanted to share this information in case someone is having similar troubles finding a decent product.
    If none of the samples blow me away, I think I will stick with this brand for now. I never thought I'd say that about Attends.

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    Did you get the two tab "Extended Wear" or the three tab plastic ones? IME, I was very unimpressed with the threetabs.

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    I got the three-tab plastic ones. I find 'breatheable' briefs are useless for overnight use (always feel damp or even saturated and leaky by morning). I think these (waistband - plastic and three tapes) work well for me because I don't tend to 'flood'; I have always had severe urinary incontinence, so when my bladder empties at night, I suppose it leaves enough time for the diaper to do its job. I do wet heavily, and I think frequently (judging by morning saturation, I think upwards of 2-3 times during the night sometimes).
    But, I may just be odd... I heard a lot of people complain about Attends Super Plus underwear, which I wear during the day, and aside from bad UTIs or times where I cough or sneeze or something and end up flooding, they tend to work really well.

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    I love the Attends Breathable. I was also pleasantly surprised with Attends.

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    Ive used the attends 10 before and they worked pretty well much better then depends or store brands. always get the plastic backed versions if you can as the cloth backed ones always seem to make peoples sheets damp/wet overnight.
    if you are unable to get the molicares at the pharmacy you could always try to get them to carry abena products even the M2 or M3 ones seem to hold out better then anything else Ive used. if that fails theres always the Internet.

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    I got some breathable attends at salvation army for $3. I was pleasently surprised. I may be purchasing them again.

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    I have the Attends Regular 10 now and they work very well. Almost never a leak. They also swell a lot when they get wet. But im from Europe, so I think they are different from those sold in the US.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My biggest gripe with Attends is that the padding falls apart really quickly and that makes the diaper pretty uncomfortable.

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    Dang I got to get me some of those!

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    The old fitted three-tab Attends were the best diaper on the market. The plastic was incredibly soft, they fit perfectly, and they were nice and thick. I miss those diapers more than I can even explain.

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