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    this fourm is for all paci collecters to come share the collections and how they got in to collecting them thank you

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    I have a white Nuk 5, a yellow Nuk 2 on a beaded keeper and a red star shaped one with a small silicone nipple. The Nuk 5 was the first one. I ordered it on Ebay after reading lots of rave reviews here and on DD. It was actually the first AB thing I got after years of being a DL. The other two were gifts from a ABDL friend. She lent me the Nuk 2 when we went to a dance at a sci fi convention and needed some costuming. Not sure exactly what we went as but we ended up wandering around the hotel finding places to change into diapers.

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    I have about 220 pacifiers.

    I have always been a bit obsessed with pacifiers (far more so than diapers). I never had one as a baby, but when I was 5 I begged my mum to buy me one. She agreed and I loved it, sleeping with it every night. Then it 'disappeared' and despite looking everywhere it was never found. I'm guessing my parents decided I was too old for it and threw it away. After that I always wanted a pacifier, and when I found one a baby had discarded in toys r us I pocketed it and took it home. After that I kept a few dummies I found on the floor which babies had dropped (I know, gross, but I was only a kid!). I bought my first pacifier aged 9 or 10 - I'd planned it all out, I found a shop which sold them, waited until just before christmas and persuaded my mum to let me go in alone so I could buy her a present. After that I bought a few more at various opportunities, but I didn't start collecting them until I was about 13 and I took to buying them every time my parents took me on holiday. My collection built up very slowly over the first 5 years or so, and I would forget about it for long stretches of time and then go back to it. I have really only started collecting a little more seriously over the last year or so.

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    i have 12 i want to stregnthen my collection but my parents keep getting in the way and destroying them evry time it makes me cry like a baby i love my collection and it hurts when some one hurts or destroys part of my collection i fell like some ones destroyed a part of who i am cause they cant except me for who i am it hurts when you are an out cast in your own family my collection is a part of who i am and i will make it a grand one this i promiss to my self and all who have found the corrage to collect something that other have do and will shun us for but never let any one get in your way we must stand strong and firm please stand with me

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    Here is my small collection, 3 nuk 4's , 2 of them have a nobbly ring, which i think is rare, the white one is one of my old nuks 5's, i cant use it anymore as you can see the rubber has gone all white and icky, and in the middle is my 1950's vintage dummy
    I also have a draw full of dummies that i have found laying around in the street, i dont intend on using them for sucking! infact when i have enough different colours i intend to turn them into a work of art, i need more pink ones, pink seems a uncommon colour to find.

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    my favorite pacifier is a nuk 6 that is white with a blue bee, airplane, two blue trees, and a fluffy blue cloud with a nob instead of a ring

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