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    So last night I had a one in a million dream...the ones you wish you could just summon up while you're asleep but can't (pretty frustrating >.<) but I had one. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you have any pleasant dream regarding diapers then it's pretty amazing . Anyways, in the dream I was at the mall with my mom (for some reason). We went to a clothing store and there was a really cute girl working there, walking around. When I looked down she had a Pampers Cruiser sticking out of her jeans...I was like OMG no way! lol, anyways, as all good dreams like that go it ended with me and my mom walking out of the store with me wishing to return to go see that girl again...just didn't happen. Again this doesn't sound too awesome by reading it, but it was in the dream. Has anyone else had anything happen to them like this in real life or in a dream?

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    Dreams like that are freaking awesome. With all the sleep I get I think I'm over due for one :P

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    I've had many dreams like that. The ones I liked the most were me getting babied and diapered by cute/hot girls. But they usually end before the best part happens. Also they usually have some kind of con to it. I have had so many dreams about going to the store and getting diapers, and almost every single time I wake up right when i'm opening the package. >.<

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    Love those dreams. Gratz on that one lol. Maybe it's Dejva vu and could happen in the future? You never know Things happen like that. Like I remember having a dream I was getting diapers while with my friend when I stayed the night at his house, and we planned to go to Target the next day. When we were at Target, with no memory of the dream (or at least thinking of it) I bought a pack of girls' goodnites and said they were for a prank. When we got back at his house he went to go see a movie with a friend for his birthday and I stayed home and watched tv/played games. As I was opening the package it hit me- This is what happened in my dream! But the dream ended right after I pulled one out of the package, just like Always said, so it puzzles me what would've happened if the dream continued. It's awkward how things happen

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    LOLOLOL my dreams are so humiliating just because of what i dream of. Yall are like "i dream of a girl with pampers cruisers poking out of her jeans... or i dream of a mommy cuddling me" or what ever... but... as being that "silly girl with the pampers cruiser poking out of her jeans." oddly enough i dream about snuggling with captain sajin komamura... <3 oh ... i love you sajin! :< your my wolf hero!! hoooo... the chance to be in the presance of absolute cuddlyness... <3 what a dream what a dream <3

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    I like dreams like that, they happen like once a week or more for me. I feel great when i dream of wearing or even seeing some diapers.

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