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Thread: Concerts! YaY!

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    Default Concerts! YaY!

    Here is a little survey.

    A - Your first concert?

    B - Your best concert?

    C - Your worst concert?

    D - The most you ever spent on a concert ticket?

    E - Your dream concert?

    For me.....

    A - My parents say they took me to see The Beach Boys when I was 1, but the first concert I remember was Elton John (in Munich, Germany) when I was 9.

    B - That's a tough one. The Dave Matthews Band does put on an extremely impressive show (impressive enough for me to see them in concert 10 times over the course of four years). But the sheer energy that Ben Folds puts into his performance is not to be dismissed.

    C - Carmen. When my younger sister was involved in the local Baptist church, she dragged me to three of his concerts. Carmen = lame, hateful, fanatical, all at the same time.

    D - I spent over $80 a ticket for two tickets to see the Seattle Symphony performing music from Final Fantasy. The seats were pretty fucking awesome, though.

    E - Jerry Garcia gets resurrected, and the Grateful Dead rise again! Either that, or I get a time machine and see Jimi Hendrix perform at Monterey.

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    A - Your first concert?
    I saw like Charlotte Diamond and Fred Penner as a kid, and numerous performances done at school from small time folks, but the first real concert I saw was Great Big Sea. Phenomenal muscicians, would love to see them guys again.

    B - Your best concert?
    I dunno, different concerts were good for different reasons. The best musical experience ever was Tool this summer... just took me to a different place (and without the help of drugs!), best mosh pit was Nevermore w/ Warbringer, Hatesphere and Blackguard, most fun I had was with my brother seeing High on Fire, best performance was Barenaked Ladies (when they still have Steven Page), and for a worship show Chris Tomlin, a dude I'd never heard of prior, was incredible. Tool probably tops the list though.

    C - Your worst concert?
    I saw Pillar at YC and even though I dig the band, I had a harsh headache and wasn't feeling great, so that was kinda lame. Not the band's fault though. Probably seeing Toby Mac for like the third time and falling asleep (end of the festival... ready to leave).

    D - The most you ever spent on a concert ticket?
    A hundred bucks for a three day festival probably, and sixty bucks for the show and meet & greet with Nevermore.

    E - Your dream concert?
    Dream line-up would be Zao, Oh Sleeper, Demon Hunter and P.O.D
    Would really like to see Mastodon, Protest the Hero, Meat Loaf, Chicago (in their prime) and BTBAM is they played Colors or The Great Misdirect.
    If I could meet any artist, it would be Weird Al, cause he seems like he would be an interestic genius to talk to.

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    A - Your first concert? Don't really recall

    B - Your best concert? The first battlecry event. I think they had P.O.D and Frontline as the headliners. AT&T ballpark in San Fransisco is a awesome stadium to have a concert too. Specifically ones that last for a entire weekend.

    C - Your worst concert? Battlecry, year 2. below average christian bands and total lack of interest/excitement.

    D - The most you ever spent on a concert ticket? 50 bucks maybe.

    E - Your dream concert?

    Arcade Fire and/or Sliversun Pickups and Bright Eyes or New Politics to open.

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    great idea ^.^ this sounds really fun...

    A - Your first concert?
    for me, it was Ozzfest of 2003... amazing line-up. I really wish Manson hadn't been banned in Buffalo though. it was because of that concert that KoRn became my favorite band though and you can't go wrong with Disturbed :P

    B - Your best concert?
    Family Values 2007... not the best line-up but KoRn sounded better than ever.

    C - Your worst concert?
    I haven't had a worst concert... worst concert moments were during Deftones, The Mars Volta and my first concert... where the bands were mostly awesome but the morons around were throwing mud everywhere.

    D - The most you ever spent on a concert ticket?
    I'm a spoiled brat... my mother has always paid for my tickets XD (we listen to the same kind of music so she also drives me and comes)

    E - Your dream concert?
    all day concert with Nirvana, The Beatles, Korn, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Moi Dix Mois, playing two hours each... obviously impossible for many reasons.

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    Lol... because of my personality archytype and my problems being around large groups of people i have never built up the nerve to go with my family to one...

    *is such a looser* x.x

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    A- Avenged Sevenfold in 2007 before they sucked in my opinionated opinion.

    B-Lamb of fucking God in 2009

    C- I set mf Friends on Fire 2008. Their album is amazing, but with a two piece band, they sound like crap live. It's just a bad guitarist, and a bad vocalist. But those boys can write.

    D-$45 maybe. Metal is cheap. No seats.

    E-I want to see Arch Enemy pretty badly.
    I'm going to see August Burns Red on Wednesday.

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    A - Your first concert?
    My parents used to take me to see Peter, Paul & Mary all the time when I was little, so that was probably my first concert.

    B - Your best concert?
    Los Campe-fucking-sinos! last month. Possibly just because I'd waited for two years for that show but it was utterly amazing, and the opening band was fantastic as well.

    C - Your worst concert?
    I went to see Death Cab for Cutie, Ra Ra Riot, and Matt Costa a couple years ago... not a bad show, but we had shit seats and it wasn't the best venue. I was underwhelmed.

    D - The most you ever spent on a concert ticket?
    I spent like $150 for the Pixies in September.

    E - Your dream concert?
    Tough one... probably just Los Campesinos! playing every song they've ever done.

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    A - Your first concert?
    The one I can actual remember is John Fogarty, but there were probably some others before that which I can't think of.

    B - Your best concert?
    Tie between the Pixies and Peelander-Z. Musically the Pixies win. As far as awesome insanely fun live shows, Peelander-Z.

    C - Your Worst Concert?
    Free Mastodon show. I love Mastodon and the sound guy was either deaf or not paying attention or just sucked at his job because it just sounded like loud unenjoyable noise.

    D - The most you ever spent on a concert ticket?
    Close to $100 for two tickets to the Pixies.

    E- Your dream concert?
    Bayside and Brand New tour together. And I follow the tour buses. and go to every show on the schedule. EVER.

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    A - Beck

    B - Beck

    C - Bone Thugs n Harmony. Tone deaf live. Not good.

    D - $100

    E - I wish I would've seen Nirvana. Also, I still need to see Jack White live (whether it's The White Stripes, Raconteurs, or whatever).

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    Your first concert?
    The first concert I went to was a free concert hosted by Radio 1 (National radio station) called 'One Big Sunday.' The bands playing were Destiny's Child, Gareth Gates, Will Young, Lost Prophets, A, Basement Jaxx, Black Twang and Mis-Teeq. I only went because my friends were going and it was free, but I didn't like any of the bands playing, and I wasn't eating properly at the time and I'm not good in big crowds anyway; I ended up getting really dizzy and fainted and had to be hoisted over the front barrier and taken to the medical tent.
    The first concert I actually paid to go to and wanted to go and see was Placebo.

    Your best concert?
    Without a doubt, Radiohead. I saw them about two years ago and I had been wanting to see them for years, it was such an amazing concert. They were fantastic and they played a fantastic set. Plus it was outdoors and the weather was great and there was a real festival atmosphere. It was perfect. I really hope to see them again on their next tour.

    Your worst concert?
    The afore-mentioned 'One Big Sunday' concert with all the bands I didn't like!

    The most you ever spent on a concert ticket?
    Radiohead's tickets were 50 each and I bought two. I took my sister, and instead of asking her to pay for her ticket she let me stay with her for a few days and paid for all my food etc, so I think it worked out pretty evenly.

    Your dream concert?
    I wish I could have seen Jeff Buckley perform live. His DVD concerts move me like no other, so I can only imagine how perfect it would be to actually see him live. *dreams*

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