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Thread: Here's a cool discovery.

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    Default Here's a cool discovery.

    I've had a chest in my living room that I have been using as a coffee table for years.

    Today, I plunged inside of it, and found..... original NES console, two controllers, and a few of the games I used to play on it.

    Haven't hooked it up to see if it still works yet, I doubt it would look any good on my LCD screen. But it's cool to still have this.

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    Dude that is awesome. I wish I had a coffee table of old video game systems. :P

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    It probably wouldn't look terrible - how well does your TV upconvert regular non-HD programming? I'm sure that the NES will output in 480i, so functionally there isn't a difference.

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    It really depends. The signal from my PS2 looks like crap on that TV unless I use an S-Video or RGB hookup. However, an standard composite hookup from my VCR looks great (yes, I still have a VCR hooked up to my television).

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    The NES will still work fine, but you might need to mod the nes-10 chip to make the games load (it is the cause of the blinky screen of fun). It will look fine on your TV via the composite output as long as you have no ground fault problem.

    On the forums I have made the bestest nes-10 chip faq I know of on the net with step by step photos and text directions. Anyone with a screwdriver and fingernail clippers can do it (though a nicer clipping tool would be better).

    The other problem other than dirty and bent pins NESs have a lot would be if the power supply is dead. I am pretty sure from memory the tip is +! I could figure out exactly what radioshack end (by letter) you use with a radioshack universal adapter if you need to go that route like I did for my Famicom.

    Feel free to throw old console questions at me if you like. I have a wonderful collection of vintage 8bit-32bit toys and I have had to work on most of them at one point or another.

    Oh and now that you have a NES, you should get a TG-16 (its competitior console, other than the master system). Nothing says vintage fun like a stack of Hu-cards ^_^

    Also, like all old computers, the controllers of the NES are hooked up to the never unplug one while it is on. At best it will crash, at worse, you will be looking for a new NES.

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