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Thread: How do you do it? :S

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    Question How do you do it? :S

    I was looking on the forums and I keep seeing that below people's posts there is sometimes a message or a link or emoticons personal to the user. I'm guessing that you set them yourselves so I'm just wondering, how do you do it?

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    If your asking about how to make emoticons when you post hit advanced and on the button list it will show emoticons, then if you click the see more icon it will bring up a big list of things to choose from.

    Hope this helps!


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    It's a signature, and something which you can only get once you become an established contributer

    To become this you need to make 20 posts, have been here 7 days, and have a rep of 0 or more.

    You can find out more about the usergroups here!

    Once you become an established contributer, you can go to your settings at the top right hand corner of the page, and change it there

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    It's called your signature and you set one by clicking on Settings in the top right corner of this website, where it says welcome [name] Notifications...
    Then you scroll down on the sidebar till you see My settings on the left hand side. In that box you'll see Edit my signature. Click on that and your there.

    Also, what Talula said.

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    Thisusernamewontfi - Thank you for your help so when I do become able to do that I will know where to edit it!
    Talula - Thank you also for your help on when I can access this feature!
    Chiharu - Thank you for your help on emoticons although I did know how to include them in my posts. Still, I appreciate the fact that you took your time to respond!

    - MrAwesome

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    It's just a signature (sig for short). You have to become an Established Contributor (the people with the un-bolded green names) to have a sig. In other words, what Talula said :P

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    Thank you for responding!

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