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Thread: Diapers Under Fursuits

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    Default Diapers Under Fursuits

    I was talking to a babyfur about how wearing a diaper underneath a fursuit would be practical. The reasons being that the suits take a while to remove, the wearers constantly drink fluid to reduce body heat and a lengthy trip to the bathroom with large crowds and heavy costumes would be impractical.

    Does anyone know someone who has tried this? I do not own a fursuit so I haven't.

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    I have attended London Furmeets, and I know a few babyfurs who own fursuits. I don't think any of them have ever tried wearing one at the meets, but no doubt they've done it at home.

    For extended periods of time, it wouldn't be practical. Having the suit on makes the wearer extremely hot, and sweaty, and having an extra layer of thick padding wouldn't be good. Would mean extra sweatyness. Also, diapers can be incredibly uncomfortable when in hot and sweaty situations. I wear a lot less during the summer because of this.

    Another thing to consider is that diapers don't contain all the smell of pee. If the person who owns the suit were to wear wet diapers with it often, the suit would start to smell of stale pee, and they aren't easily washable. Considering most fursuits are upwards of $1000, I doubt the owners would want to risk ruining it :P.

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    I work as a sales pitcher for about 11 hours a day, and one thing I've noticed is that, with practice, you can gauge your own hydration levels and drink just enough water so that you don't have to pee. Of course one reason fursuiters would drink a lot is because they need to cool down, but that's another issue. I think wearing any kind of diaper underneath would only make you even more stuffy and uncomfortable, and it can't be good for your testicular health either.

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    Well, that would explain all the fursuits with a hole right where the privates would be - makes toilet use easier. Must look really funny to see a guy in a fursuit standing at a urinal.
    Or maybe the holes are in there for a different reason altogether.

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    *chuckles at Peachy`s comment* A `SPH` is handy but for other reasons. I tend to only wear a fursuit for a maximum of 2 hours at a time as mine has 3 inch thick fur. I would wear a diaper underneath but I am sure it would be too hot.

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    Fursuiters tend to not go to the bathroom a lot at all to the fluids lost through sweating. Diapers under fursuits are also a bad idea due to chafing, smell, and heat. Not to mention piss never comes out of ANYTHING. Another problem that arises with using a diaper under a fursuit is the time you would be in it. If you leak...
    You are going to sit in it for at least fifteen minutes. It's just bad mojo all together.

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    I actually did the Fur Fright con from start to end all padded up. It was real nice not having to keep running back to my room to take care of #1. I had no issues with over heating & was able to drink more water than I normally do so I was able to stay in suit longer than normal. So being padded up under suit was a win win for me. & to top it off I met another cub there & when I slipped out of suit in the headless lounge not even he could tell I was wearing my diaper

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    I've done it before a conventions or particularly long meets (anniversary/ christmas/ summer parties) If you can gauge your fluid intake right, then it can do wonders for extended fursuiting sessions. I'd never have managed 11 long hours in suit at EF without padding up underneath.
    With regards to the heat in summer, I never found it to be a problem as I take the view that if its good enough for someone fully incontinent or small children then its not going to be an issue for me either. My suit has luxury thick 2" fur, so it does get extremely toasty when its 28C outside.

    It can be practical sometimes, other times its not. Its up to you as an individual to decide when it's appropriate and to take precautions not to leak.

    Edit: only thing I haven't tried is padded underneath, then padded over the top in large as a prop piece for extra cuteness. Obviously at home though. I've seen others do it and post to FA and it often looks adoreable, though sometimes gives off that freaky F*@k NO!! vibe too

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    But can not some plastic pants over the diaper take care of the smell problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    But can not some plastic pants over the diaper take care of the smell problem?
    unless you are going #2 there is no smell. When fursuiting at a con all you can smell are the suiters that forgot to use deodorant XD You are drinking so much water your urine is very dilute so there is no smell.

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