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    The one thing that I have had the most exposer to since I was 13 was gangs and gang life, weather it was reading it in a book or seeing it out on the streets.

    Why do people join gangs?
    Well my answer to this question is simple. The person wants protection from another gang or they feel naglected and need a family and they think that they will get one if they join a gang.

    The one thing I don't understand is that why is it that in schools today all you read about is gangs? Ever since 8th grade I was reading gang related stories in my English classes. The Outsiders; That was Then, This is Now; Durango Street.

    I don't get it parents question why teens want to kill themselfs or in our case want to return to a more simple time in their lifes, we do it because of drugs, gangs, death, things that we usually don't have exposer to intil we become teenages.

    I have dealt with gangs in the past and let me tell you it's not fun. A few months back I had a run in with one of the most famous gangs in California, The Bloods. Aparently they have a branch down here in florida.

    For me it was a tipical school day and I was walking home and then this white van drove by and a few of the guys inside started yelling at me and I responded like I usualy do when anybody does something like that to me, I gave them the finger and kept on walking. I got to an intersection that is right by my neighborhood and one of the guys surprised me from behind and he said that he wanted to fight me. I asked what for and he responded with "Because you been disrespectin' me ****er."

    I ignored him and crossed the street and noticed that him and a few of his friend were following me and when I got to the enterance of my neighborhood they circled me and demanded a fight. Well I don't know abou the rest of you guys but I don't know my own strength and there are certen times that I can't control myself so I decided not to fight because there was a chance that I really could have hurt these guys and I offered them an apolegy for whatever I had done and that wasn't good enought so I offered money and they actually let me go for $6. Then I went home and called the cops and filled a police report.

    There was one thing that I have to laugh at and that's the fact that as far as I know The Bloods are generaly an all black gang and these guys all looked like Eminem.

    So here is my question to you all, what are your thoughts and experiances dealing with gangs and gang related stuff?

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    We don't really have 'proper' gangs where I live, in the sense that its an organization of crime etc. We do however have 'bogan gangs' which is just a bunch of losers out too stroke their own egos. They generally just pick fights with people who are minding their own business. Just last week there were two people bashed so badly they went to the hospitals ER after four guys jumped out of a car and bashed a guy waiting for a taxi, the other had just come out of a nightclub.

    A few weeks before that there was a racial bashing in the same area. Its really disgusting the way our town is turning. Personally I blame the low SES (socio-economic status) area churning out ten kids when they cant afford to properly look after one. I know thats a very offensive thing too say as there are genuinely nice families that are effected by poor financial situations. But in the area I'm in there are a group of families that are responsible for our nightlife and general town going getting too the stage where if you don't take a dozen of your biggest friends with you its impossible to have a good time.

    Hrm I went off-topic there didn't I? As for gangs etc being exposed in schooling I think that the theory behind that is that it gives people something they can directly identify with. Just my

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    Well the guys you described sound like "wanna be's"

    We got a lot of them around here, they act hardcore. I guess it's all colonia and bloods down here. And it's funny cause these kids think they're part of a gang when they're only in high school... They have bad examples from their family and surrounds and they choose to be involved with that sort of life. One of my friends(and fellow football player) decided for himself that he wasn't going to be apart of his family's business and went out and found his own alternative source for releasing anger.

    Kids just don't know how to get out of certain circles and paterns. Either that or they're afraid to.

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    Gangs are gay (no offense meant to homosexuals)
    Have only had a few experiences with gangs but yeah.

    This girl that rides my bus her sister was killed in a gang drive by and she got shot. So yeah kids gangs are a no no.
    And There Is gang activity in my city. Don't remember the names though.
    Times like that make me glad I know how to fight and know disarm moves. makes self defense a lot easier.

    And getting shot is not fun.....

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    The only 'gangs' around here are affectionately known as 'chavs'.

    See also; Benefit whoring, binge drinking, drug taking, violent, foul-mouthed dumb twats.

    Definitely aren't an organised gang more brainless apes attatching themselves to one another to compensate for there overall lack of intelligence. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to associate themselves with those types of society scum, stupidity probably.

    I've had my share of fights / threats having to live in an area infested with chavs. The problem with chavs is they don't realize the extent of the damage they are causing to Britain, it's just one big laugh. Even if they did I doubt they'd care, afterall they seem comfortable whallowing in the shit they cause, everyday people don't like the smell.

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    There's plenty of chav gangs around where I live, not proper gangs with guns and stuff, just idiots who swarm together and act like tossers.
    They just vandalise stuff.
    The slightly tougher gangs in the poorer areas 'jump' people (beat randomly attack people).
    A lot of people carry knives, either because they are in a gang or they are afraid of gangs...

    The problem is alcohol mainly. Teens have nothing to do, and nobody gives one about them (can't vote), so all they do is buy cheap alcohol from bad shops and get pissed!
    They smoke weed too, but that's not really a problem.

    In Britain we seem to be having a problem with people getting shot, particularly teens shooting teens. The government have no idea what to do, their only idea is to raise the drinking age, which of course makes no sense because the problem is shops selling alcohol to under aged people. You could raise to drinking age to 30 and 12 year olds would still get served!

    I've never been gang attacked, been threatened and had stuff thrown at me, but the people round my area are all pussycats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post

    The problem is alcohol mainly. Teens have nothing to do, and nobody gives one about them (can't vote), so all they do is buy cheap alcohol from bad shops and get pissed!
    In my opinion that's such an incredibly lame excuse that the parents of chavs and goverment uses to justify the poor behaviour of youths, if that really were the cause all teenagers would act that way, I should seeing as I live in one of those poorer areas, but I and most teenagers don't.

    I doubt most teenagers actually give a toss about voting and there are plenty of fundeed activities for teenagers to do, it isn't hard to take up a hobby or get a job, most just can't be arsed to turn Jeremy Kyle off, get of the couch and look for them unless they're forced to do so.

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    Unfortunately, I come from an area where a lot of heavy gang activity occurs -- and this isn't just wanna-be gang activity, either. In the job that I work, I interview self-admitted gangsters who commit immensely violent crimes (the one that comes to mind being an underage kid who, after joining a gang, allegedly called an attempted assassination on a police officer). I've interviewed big-time drug dealers, attempted murderers, convicted murderers, rapists, what-have-you, and one of the biggest connections that they have is that the majority of them admit to being in a gang.

    I think people join gangs nowadays because of the stereotypical aspects -- the "love", the "respect", the "power", all those Montanian ideas that various types of media promote -- and don't realize that what they're getting into is an environment full of hate, violence, greed, and power-lust. In most gangs, there's no backing out once you're in. It must be remembered, though, that many of these people who join gangs don't receive proper influence from their parents and their relatives, who are probably just as heavily involved in that dumb shit as the kids are.

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    well rance summed it all up. that's the whole reason right there. now onto a similar question, how does one solve the issue of gangs?

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    From living in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation (2.1 million + people) I can tell you that gangs are real. There are large chapters of all the major national gangs in the Charlotte area. However unless you go looking for them, they typically won't bother the average law abiding citizen that much.

    Honestly though... your #1 mistake was shooting the bird at some random guy driving by... that's asking for trouble anywhere you go. Next time anyone on the street tries anything... just ignore them and odds are they will just let you be. These guys are out there acting the fool just itching for someone to start something with them... it's all an attention stunt. Just play it cool and you should come out fine.

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