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    Hello. I am from Portland Oregon and currently going to college.
    I am a DL but I have a lot of hobbies outside of that. I am a techie in my school's theater, I love to read, (Niel Gaiman and Ursula K. LeGuin are two of my favorite authors) I play lots of games (my favorite computer games are TF2 and Borderlands,(I also play pen & paper games, my current favorite is Pathfinder a.k.a D&D 3.75)) and my favorite type of music is ska!

    Wow lots of parenthesis up there, anyway I decided to join this site because it looked like a nice community where I wouldn't be embarrassed to talk about diaper stuff.

    (By the way I'm a bit of a lurker so I might not post much after this.)

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    Welcome! Are you in to any skunk, like Sublime and Reel Big Fish, or just the stuff like Operation Ivy? Either way, I'm on board lol.

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    Nice to have yuh. Don't worry bout the lurker part we all do it to an extent. I normaly lurk untill something catchs my eye and then I post. But it is nice to have people to talk to about diapers and what not. I think you came to the right place if you were looking for that.

    I never really listened to ska. I've heard of it but idt I ever heard any of the music. You got any favs I could check out?

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    My favorite ska bands are the Mighty Mighty Boss tones and Streetlight manifesto, the Aquabats are also a good band that is pretty silly and fun to listen to.

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