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    Hi everyone I am from MA and I like to snowboard, play games and hang out. I currently am a bedwetter. I have been wetting the bed since I was 8. About that time my parents made me wear goodnites to bed and ever since then I have been interested in diapers and the way they feel and how they make me feel secured.

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    Welcome to the site, must be hard to snowboard down south in Mass, not really a place known for it's skiing spots. as for games, what type of games are you talking about, we talking card, board, pen & paper, video, trivia, travel, drinking? Last I heard most of us here don't bite, but I could be wrong, some of the furs might've developed Rabies.

    Anyway, enjoy your stay.

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    Jewy, chill man. Anyhoo, yeah it would be nice to know what kind of games you like, but I assume (because we live in this new fangled era) you mean video. It's nice to meet you. Tell me, what stories do you like (Diaper stories).

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