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Thread: Ohio cloth diaper and plastic panty wearing bedwetter

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    Default Ohio cloth diaper and plastic panty wearing bedwetter

    Last edited by Trevor; 16-Nov-2010 at 15:52. Reason: No personals ads, please.

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    Hi tommy.

    Unfortunately, we cannot cater to your needs. ADISC is not a dating site, it's a support community. Please have a good look around, read the rules, then decide if you still want to be a part of it. If so, please read the sticky threads at the top of this forum before having another go with your introduction.

    If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask!

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    As Arlikra mentioned above, we're not a dating site and introductions shouldn't be in the form of a personals ad. Typically, if somenone makes that mistake I can just edit a bit and proceed from there but pretty much everything past "Hi" in your post pertained to that so you're going to have to give this another shot if you want to play in our community. I'm not trying to be mean but every community has its conventions and what works fine in one place doesn't fly in another. Have a look at this thread for some indication of what we're looking for: and I hope you'll be able to adjust your approach accordingly.

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