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  • X- Small waist size 50-60 cm inches n/a

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  • Small waist size 60-80 cm inches n/a

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  • Medium waist size 70-110 cm inches n/a

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  • Large waist size 100-150 cm inches n/a

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Thread: Best Size for Abena Abri form?

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    Default Best Size for Abena Abri form?


    Just wondering what you think is the best size for me for the Abena Abri Form?
    My waist size is 28 inches or 71 cm.
    I like a snug fit. Not too tight or too loose


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    well it would appear based on the sizing chart, that a small would probably be the better fit.. but really, get a sample pack of both sizes, and figure out which one fits YOU best. Everyone's bodies are different, and what might fit me great could just fall off you or vice versa. Asking others opinions on which size is going to fit you best is a little like reading tarrot cards, you might get some funny responses, but no real answers.

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    my problem is the store I can get them at is 2 hours away, I don't have ordering as an option, I have never bought Abena's before. obviously...

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    well medium will fit you for sure, but if the diaper is too big, it can also be prone to leaks.. the small is probably the 'correct' size.

    are you planning on wearing just in private or out in public? if just private, i would go with the medium, better bulk, and for sure not too small.. if you are going to wear them out, get the small, as you almost certainly wont be able to hide the medium nearly as easily.

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    The other thing you will want to check is your hip size, and use which ever is larger to make a decision on what will fit then.

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    You've got to take your hip size into consideration. Figure out your hip size, and see which catatory you fit into on the nice size chart you've provided.

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    I know that i used to use the large, but that was 50lb ago, i remember trying the XLs a long time ago, leaky, and came up to my armpits, now the larges do, funny how the Dry 24/7 medium is about like the Abena larges as far as fit

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    a small will most likely fit you an xSmall will probably be too tight and the medium would be loose and prone to leaks, this all depends on your hip and waist measurements, i was able to use the smalls of the xpluses up until a 31inch waist/hips which was pretty snug so a small should have a proper fit on you're size, most websites that have the product have a size chart this should help sizing.html you could always order a sample pack too if your still not sure.

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    Personally I would suggest the Small. I have 32" inch hips & medium is perfect for me. I reckon if you had medium though it wouldn't have a snug fit like a small would.

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