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Thread: What diaper would you recommend?

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    Default What diaper would you recommend?

    Okay, since I like planning crap out to incredibly precise points, I am planning on getting diapers for the first time soon. What kind of diaper would you recommend for someone with a 27 inch waist, is under $20 (I have no clue what they cost), and is available at a rite-aid?

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    id say depends is the best ur gonna do, if ur gettin stuff at rite aid theres not much choice, its depends or store brand and anyone will tellu that store brands usually suck, even depends are a step above the store brand

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    Rite Aid doesn't have all that great of a selection. They just have store brand, depends, and goodnites. I would go with depends, like nikthewerelion said.

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    Okay! Now to figure out the sizes using only the Internet. There has to be a sizing chart or something somewhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megamatt View Post
    Okay! Now to figure out the sizes using only the Internet. There has to be a sizing chart or something somewhere!
    This might help you.

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    I'll go with the Goodnites.

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    I won't lie here...Depends suck, but they were my starter diaper when I was younger and diaper curious...and even before the incident that made me IC. I mean, they would suffice if you don't intend much to them, if you know what I mean.
    I can't tell you much about store brands, because I only tried one generic briefly (no pun intended) and found out in a very painful manner that I was allergic/hypersensitive to them...I wouldn't trust them, though, either way.
    I've never tried Goodnites, but from what I hear they're a good/ok diaper. Probably best to go with them from what the majority says.

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    if you go with depends make sure to get the max absorbency diaper, I still use them occasionally and although the absorbency is poor they seem to fit me well. if you do get them and have enough money left over get boosters or smaller diapers to make boosters inside of them to increase the absorbency. if you are able to order online i recommend either one of the abena products as they are one of the best out there.

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