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Thread: ANY quality pharmacy brands in Canada?

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    Default ANY quality pharmacy brands in Canada?

    I am SO frustrated. My pharmacy messed up my order last month and I was screwed and stuck with them, since they're whom I have coverage through... anyway, they were supposed to send 5 bags of molicare supers and 5 bags of attends super plus pullups. This month, they said they had it straight... I just got the order and they sent only 4 bags of the pullups and 6 bags of Comfort-Aire since, apparently, Molicare is only available in the US now through their order site (medline). I am so sick of having to do so much laundry; I have no luck with cloth-backed diapers for overnight use and I am so frustrated I could scream, cry, or both. Is there anything poly-backed around here other than Depend Maximum or Attends Waistband?

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    I have heard Shoppers Home Healthcare has Abena and Tranquility but have not checked them out yet.

    There is a guy in Edmonton that is importing Drycare 24/7. He has not functional website but is pretty active in the shopping forum on Daily Diapers.

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    Thank you so much. I am stuck with MediTrust, but I did just do some Google searching and found a site called west care health supplies... they appear to carry only Abena; I've heard great things about them, so I am going to call and speak to the manager tomorrow and see if I can have those ordered. I did check the other products on the medline website, but aside from the Molicare, which they won't ship to Canada, thre's nothing there that seems worth using (aside from, possibly, the bari-brief, but they would be way too big)!

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    I was just reading your post about the Molicare in Canada.
    You can get molicare from a few sites.. What made me message you is you were thinking of going through Westcare, well I can tell you that their service is great, but you WILL be paying TOP dollar for anything they ship out.

    Any way, I don't know where you live in Canada but I live in Ontario, and if you live in Ontario too, I can tell you a couple of places to walk in and purchase. But for now I will assume you live else where, so website wise you can try these:

    Adult Diapers, Plastic Pants, Vinyl Pants, Incontinence Products/Supplies | - They sell Abena (all types) and Molicare super Plus, good shipping and prices, they also have AB stuff if you're into that. - Quaility Life services, they carry both Molicare super and super plus, decent prices and good shipping

    XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies - They are American but will ship to Canada, price is very comparable too. They carry pretty much anything that is good quality.

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    Quality Life Cares. Despite their emphasis on the elderly, these people (at least in their retail store) are great. Now if only they weren't on the other side of town.

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    Thanks for the responses. I spoke with the manager at the pharmacy today and he checked out the West Care site I sent him but said he can't get the Abena since they're from Denmark. But, he is going through his binder of pages they order from and sending me links so I can choose something.

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