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Thread: Hey not actually new but just saying that ill be active.. ish

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    i think a few months before i said that i would quit, but it turns out that i havent ... yet...

    untill they come up with memory selective wipers !

    Anyway, this post basically has two reasons
    1) im gonna be more active round here
    2) my access to the site is limited cuz im not posting much.. fine then this is one post... sheesh.

    Anyway anyway, ok cool cya guys around

    also I want to say it sucks i have to work my way up the forum ladder whatever...

    Remember Damn I had like 20 rep points, and like 500 post count.. I was soo proud of myself and then WHAM just like that, the server got wiped clean and I'm a freaking newbie again.. poop... =( ....

    *hehe one more to the post count! chaachinnggg w00t w00t
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    Well it's not too hard to get your post count back up...Rep on the other hand...I've only been here since March 20th (I think), and I have over 1000 posts...So it shouldn't be too hard if you have lots of opinions on things

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    Don't let it worry you, buddy! You'll be back up with the regulars soon! 20 posts and you jump straight back into Regular status!

    The 'VIP' status requirements are currently hidden from forum members, but I'm sure, if you work hard like myself and the other regulars, you'll obtain it in a few months! ^_^

    Welcome back! And hope to have some fun discussions with you in the future!

    Rock on.

    E404~ <3

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    Welcome back! School's over for the summer? I remember you used to only come on here when you were home from school, so I'm guessing that must be the case now.

    Anyway, welcome back ...and my congratulations/sympathy (whichever applies) for not quitting!


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    welcome back! I decided to be active after the crash too. It is worth it. About your location; which of those places is your primary residence? And why are there so many?!?

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Welcome back!

    Sorry (happy) to hear that you failed in quitting.

    School been fun?

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    Thanks everyone for the welcome

    About my residence; basically I go to school in England, but I live in Singapore... I spend my winter holiday in Canada, and sometimes I go to California :P

    lol... my family doesnt like to settle down =(

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