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Thread: Cheapest and easiest way to record PS3 gameplay?

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    Question Cheapest and easiest way to record PS3 gameplay?

    Does anyone know a really cheap way to record gameplay on my PS3? Like machinima video quality? Up until now, I've just been putting a video camera on a tripod in front of the tv. The quality sucked though, so any suggestions?

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    I'm not too sure on how to record off any gaming console besides your method or a capture card. And even then, capture cards on the PS3 are difficult to use, since most of them are graphics heavy, and some don't work at all because of the PS3's HDMI scrambling scheme (Or so I've read on the internet.) Not sure if anyone else knows more about capture cards or other methods.

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    Yeah, you can't do it over HDMI because the HDMI output from the PS3 is HDCP-protected. You'd need to use component video, which you could use something like the Hauppauge HD DVR or the Blackmagic Intensity Pro to record.

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    if you have a component cable you can just split off of that and get a cheap component to usb or desktop card that records, cheapest i have found seem to be easy cap off of ebay, should run less then $10.

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    Oh yeah, some extra info. I have a PC, which is one floor above my PS3. I can't move either, and I can't borrow a laptop from anyone, since I don't know anyone with one.

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