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Thread: What do you think your getting for Christmas or want for Christmas?

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    Default What do you think your getting for Christmas or want for Christmas?

    In conjunction with my other thread about Christmas gifts I was wondering about the receiving end of Christmas.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be receiving an Elecraft KX1 ham radio kit, Nikon SB-600 flash, Kodak HC-110 developer solution and an iPad 3G. I am hoping for a Belltronics STi Driver radar detector.

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    i don't have any idea what i am getting but what i want is a laptop, but i am absolutely positive that i won't get it. my mom doesn't have very much money, i haven't even told my mom that i want one just for that reason and i don't want to seem greedy.

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    Nothing from my parents I'm certain of that. From my better half though I'm pretty sure he's been planning to spoil me with a new snowboard, boots, bindings, gloves, and goggles. Even if he doesn't just spending our ninth Christmas together will be damn awesome in itself.

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    My parents are buying me a new laptop as mine has taken to randomly restarting itself every few hours. I haven't got a clue what anybody else is getting me though, my housemate said she found me the perfect present which combines my two favourite things in the world, so I'm intrigued as to what she perceives to be my two favourite things in the world to be, and what it will be...

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    My mummy and daddy are getting me a cheap digital camera, and a stocking and I don't know what Charlie's getting me! Someone will need to pry him for information and tell me!!

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    Butterfly Mage


    Probably nada.

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    Money, books, and clothing, most likely. There was also talk of my parents buying me a new car, but I don't really need/want one.

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    Same as last year: ____________________ <--- nothing

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    I'd like a new phone, some money as I'm a university student and food isn't cheap (even at ASDA) and some stand up DVDs as I love them.

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    Clothes! I always wear them and get their use out of them.

    My walking boots are quite warn out now. I suspect I've done 4000-6000 Miles in them. Should of had them replaced at 2000 miles at most really. Same with my coat. It's warn out allot and can't really keep heavy rain out. And I can no longer wash the smell out >.<. Well that's my budget spent there.

    I suspect my older brother might buy me something, probably socks. I'll buy my siblings socks!

    Thinking about it. I wouldn't mind having more digital Radio synced clocks and digital Thermometers.

    NikonFilmPhotog: I didn't realise you were into Ham radio, something I've been meaning to get into. But packet radio only really interests me and I don't think there is a big community in that. But I guess that is some what very primitive binary you will be using :P

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