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Thread: bambino sizing question

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    Default bambino sizing question

    Hey all. I am going to order some bambinos soon. I was wondering what size would fit me i am 97 lbs and i have a 27 inch waist. And do they accept prepaid visa?
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    Smalls should work for you, and yes...last time I checked they do take you mean? I've never heard of vista, lol.

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    sorry about that misspelling, I am extremely tired. Thanks for the help.

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    lol, no problem
    Oh, and unfortunately it's come to my attention that smalls are really hard to come by might be able to get away with mediums, but I'd invest in some cute diaper tapings ^_^

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    where can you get diaper tapings?

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    I thought I saw them somewhere, but I can't find them...Try googling diaper tapes, and I'm sure you'll find something.

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    Thanks. Do you know where I could get some smalls?

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    well, I just looked at some sites, and I couldn't find any. My one friend just messaged me, and she says they may have actually been discontinued. Ithad to have happened recently, because I ordered smalls on the bambino site before (I'm borderline small/medium). I'm afraid I can't help you there...but maybe someone knows somthing that I don't?
    Also...have you thought of trying on larger diapers intended for toddlers? with a 27in waist, you might be able to pull it off....

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    I considered it, but i only have 100 dollars and no transportation and i dont know who ships discreetly.

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    With $100, you can get a case of almost anything you want. I don't know if this will help, but DuraMed supplies diapers in youth and adult sizes and ships discreetly. They even have a sampler pack for $10. You pick any 5 items and they ship 4 of them to you so you can see what works best (though they tell you what size fits what..)
    Duraline Medical Products, Inc. Adult diapers, buy diapers, molicare diapers, attends diapers, urinary
    They're legit...I've ordered from them before, though they dosend you a little postcard asking you to sign their privacy policy. I don't know how you'd feel about that, but you could always say it was a mistake mailing.

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