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    I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the story 10,000 miles in diapers since deeker closed. I also have been looking for one and i dont know the name. The one idk is a kid finds diapers in a parking lot and his friend is going away for the summer and the kid hides the diapers in some box.

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    I don't know, but the name D***** is a taboo in ADISC, or at least that's what I've heard. I don't know much about it, but I heard that his stories talk about boys masturbating in diapers and being dominated by girls. =p

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    not a story like that.

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    Are you sure it was called 10,000 miles in diapers? A quick google search brought up no results, but did bring up results for a story called '2000 miles in diapers' which apparently comes from D**ker's site.

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