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Thread: Spelling and Grammar

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    Default Spelling and Grammar

    ok, i here alot of grammar issues with people not doing so. well i am here to say that IT DOESNT MATTER!! No one should care. The internet was created for helpful resources. These sites are made to help people and to write words short and sweet. such as spelling you as u or are as r or two as 2. be as b. room as rm. So lay off people!! you kind of people will drive people off these sites for ignorance.

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    You didn't capitalize the word "Ok."

    Also, you're implying the internet was made specifically for short hand speak.

    Grammar and spelling is the very thing that makes posts, and anything else, legible.
    It's how we sort out the ones with knowledge and I.Q. from those that... well, you know.

    Are you going to use a site that has the opening:

    "Welcome! Enjoy your stay! Muffins are to the right, sandwiches are to the left."
    "welcome injoy ur stay mufins r 2 the rite sanwiches 2 da left"

    ...I'll let you decide.

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    ok in that contense yes, but i mean stupid stuff like capitalizing ok doesnt need to happen in a forum. i know i did it again. usualy when i type i want to type well enough to for others to understand. i already get critizise by simply not capitalizing first letter.

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    I agree I don't think that your spelling or grammer should affect anything really. I had a 4.0 gpa but I ain't gonna lie I suck at spelling. I hear all the time that people won't chat or talk to people that don't spell the gratest and I personaly thing that's BS. Your spelling doesn't define you. Plus its not always spelling some times you just type to fast and hit the wrong letter. If you really think spelling is a definition of a person, next time your at your doctors check out there writeing spelling and grammer. Seriusly if you trust them when they suck at spelling and you can't read a thing they say why is it such a big deal when a random joe misspells something? Think about it

    That's just my opinion

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    Amen FrozenFox. I am same way. Good at writing and junk but grammar and finding clauses and all the bs makes me fail english.

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    Okay, where to start...sorry in advance if this offends anyone or sounds harsh (I'm running on red bull and maybe 2 hours of sleep)

    I suspect the main issue people on this site have with misspelling and grammatical errors, is that it can make a persons post very difficult to read. I will admit that there are some members whose posts I didn't read because I could decipher what the hell they were trying to say and I think that it's a feeling a few others might have. When I go to read a post, I really don't mind the few spelling errors, grammatical wrongs, and the incorrect usage of punctuation, but if your post is filled with it, is written out in short hand, or is just plain too hard to read at first glance, I might skip over it. In the future, I might remember that badly written post and skip your next one too (although I have learned to read bad spelling from this site).

    While correct spelling is not necessary on the internet or these forums, it helps members understand exactly what you are trying to say. I really see no valid reason, other than a learning disability, for our members to maybe check their post for spelling errors (considering that the errors get underlined in red) and to actually write out a word. Last I checked, almost all internet browsers have a search bar next to the address bar. A person can type in a word they might be confused about spelling and 9 times out of 10, Google or whatever you use, will guess the word and spit out a correct spelling. Unless you have a disability of sorts that limits your spelling, when you continually spell words incorrectly (not if you spell one word incorrectly, but if it's like every other word), it's more or less a sign of laziness to me that you can't take the time to look up the spelling of a word.

    As far as writing in shorthand goes, there's no reason for it. You're abbreviating words that are quite literally 5 letters. Just spell out the damn word, it takes one or two extra seconds.

    Once again, this really addresses only those without learning disabilities. People with learning disabilities who can't spell (that I know of), keep trying, I see improvements with almost every post !

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    I agree. I can deal with a few spelling and grammar errors, maybe teh 1337 sp34k, but if you fuck up basic words like "shoe" or "cookie," I will assume you are either too lazy to spellcheck, are an epic moron, or have dyslexia or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    ok, i here alot of grammar issues with people not doing so. well i am here to say that IT DOESNT MATTER!! No one should care. The internet was created for helpful resources. These sites are made to help people and to write words short and sweet. such as spelling you as u or are as r or two as 2. be as b. room as rm. So lay off people!! you kind of people will drive people off these sites for ignorance.
    You have every right to write as you wish.

    But if you sound like a complete dumbass, you're either going to get ripped on, or completely ignored.

    So, you can either continue typing as though you're on your cell phone, or you can sound like you have an IQ slightly higher than that of a brick.

    Whatever you choose, don't be surprised or upset when people react exactly the way they should, barring a learning disability, which I'll agree is a legitimate treason to be somewhat illegible. But, there's often a pretty telling difference between someone who is lazy/intentionally stupid, and someone who has a learning disability. One looks like a troll, the other looks like, well, they have a learning disability.

    Forums exist so that people can communicate. Deliberately fucking up your communication with other people is a complete antithesis to what a forum is supposed to provide an avenue for.

    ok, i here alot of grammar issues with people not doing so.
    That isn't even bad grammar, bad spelling, or excessive use of text-chat - it just doesn't make any fucking sense. See the problem here?

    It's irritating to try and muscle through crap like that. Take a theoretical long post full of that, and not separated into paragraphs? Why the hell should I even begin to try to read that? You've put zero effort into making it legible.

    That's meant to be an objective analysis - don't take it personally. Hopefully the way I phrased things piques an emotional response in you - it's exactly the kind of response everyone else gets when you tell them grammar, legibility, and communication in general "doesn't matter," or when they attempt to read a post written like that. It's grating on the eyes.


    We're communicating in text, here. It's the only method by which we have to evaluate people. If the way you write makes you look like a moron, that's exactly what people are going to assume about you. Don't be surprised when you aren't given the time of day, or when people get irritated when trying to read through something like that.

    We are not the problem, here. You, and others who attempt to "communicate" like that, leaving behind the slaughtered remains of the English language, are. Nobody is expecting perfection. We are, however, expecting you to communicate in a manner that shows us you actually care about what you have to say. If you don't care about what you are saying, why should we?

    This is exactly why it does matter. You're on a forum, typing something - the assumption is that you want other people to read it, otherwise, you wouldn't be writing it in a public forum. This is one of the few cases in which what other people want really does matter, and what you think matters doesn't mean squat - specifically because the intent is to communicate with a larger audience.
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    The purpose of language is to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. If you are getting your point across, you are communicating effectively, regardless of grammar or typos

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    Here's the deal: "If it's worth saying, it's worth saying right". In other words, if you know your grammar and spelling is poor, take an extra minute to review and correct your post. There's plenty of electronic tools to help you with it. Brutal truth is: Why would you push your inability to spell on me and make me work hard to decipher your text? It's common courtesy to provide information in a way that is convenient for the reader.
    Not to mention, poor grammar and spelling makes you seem lazy and gives a bad impression. That's like not showering, brushing your hair or changing your underwear for a week and then going to work, pushing your noxious fumes on others. It's just rude!


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