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Thread: My introduction thread is titled: TACOS.

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    Default My introduction thread is titled: TACOS.

    Hey. I'm growyoung, a little old TB AR story writer. Kinda wish I could find my peeps from deviantART on here, they know me.

    Glad I found this site. There are a lot of TB-related things I need advice on. Pacis, telling others... and discreetly hiding diapers. That's what got me caught the first time. I pulled out strong and I'm still undercover... literally. In my bed, always.

    Anyways... 'sup.

    And TACOS.

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    So, I heard you like writin' stories. What kind of stories do you like to write? Is all that you do writing stories? Do you have any other interests?

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    Nope, I'm a complete age-regression-story-writing MACHINE.

    Nah, just kiddin'. I'm also into attempting to get diapers... and video games. Right now I'm hooked on the new GoldenEye 007 for Wii.

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    Nice. I've only seen the N64 version being played by someone else. I prefer Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on PS3

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    Ah, to each his own. I was never a big CoD buff. Now I call it a cult.

    Not meant as a slight to anyone. Just think it's funny (and partially true).

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    I wasn't a fps buff until about 2 weeks ago, when I got the game. Now, 90% of the time, if you get sniped, it was probably me.

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    Yeah, well, if you see an M16 agent named Chibiterasu on the GoldenEye WiFi service run up and whack you with a Sigmus 9...

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    Hey man. I'm a DA junkie. It's wonderful to see someone else on here. I haven't written anything about AB/DL but I'd love to read yours. What's your username?

    Hit me up if you like.

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    Not too original with usernames, am I?

    Glad to know this place has a welcome wagon.

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