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  • Yes - he/she looked exactly like me!

    9 19.57%
  • Yes - same species and everything!

    18 39.13%
  • Sort of - similar species, but not quite there.

    8 17.39%
  • Nope - it's an unrealized dream!

    11 23.91%
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Thread: Have you ever "met" your fursona?

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    Default Have you ever "met" your fursona?

    Have you ever met your fursona? IE: The actual animal your fursona is based on?

    I included four possibilities:

    1: Yes - looked exactly like my fursona!
    2: Yes - same species!
    3: Sort of - not the same species, but very close in appearance/behavior. (Please don't consider your pet dog to be the same thing as a wolf).
    4: No - It's an unrealized dream!

    I have. I regularly visit a wolf sanctuary. While my "likeness" is too shy to approach visitors, there are a few others that get right up in your face...and in your mouth! They really want to get to know you.

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    hehe yes I saw three baby raccoons once. They were so cute ^^

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    Yep, i've met a Fennec Fox once (current Fursona) but only seen an Arctic Fox (Old Fursona) in pics

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    Great topic Draugr. Like you I answered #1 yes. I once had the extreme pleasure of spending time in a small wolf sanctuary.

    A friend of mine worked for the MNR (Ministry Of Natural Resources) and had access to this MNR run sanctuary. It was a small family park/picnic/event place that operated in summer hours and had a quite a few rescued wild animals for people to see. Deer, Fox, Coyote and lots of other smaller critters.

    The main attraction though was 3 wolves, 2 Canadian Grey Wolves and a huge (145 lb) Alaskan Tundra Wolf/Malamute hybrid that was rescued from an abusive home. We had unlimited time with them from Nov when the park closed to March when it opened again. Not working at the time I basically lived there that winter, spent 4-5 days a week and even some nights outside with them. They quickly became family and us part of the pack. They even howled for us when we left.

    I have always had a deep (even spiritual) connection with K-9 and after this Wolves too. It was a life altering experience and probably the highlight of my life, past and future.

    I had no idea about Furry or Fursonas at that time but my Fursona closely mirrors my own personality and that Tundra wolf was a furry mirror image of me. We were both damaged, timid/quiet, not liking/afraid of strangers, not really social preferring to be alone but a very happy and playful pup around family.

    He took to me in only a couple weeks and would be waiting, sometimes hours at the fence before I got there, somehow he always knew I was coming. Even years after and months between visits, he would always be there. It was the only time he came out of hiding, only came to the keepers for food and never went to the "people side" of the fence. We formed a bond that was only broken by his death.

    One summer I was working long hours and hadn't thought of the wolves much. One day for some reason they entered my thoughts and I detoured about 20 miles to visit....(shit, I'm crying now as I type this) One girl who had been there for a while and knew me, met me on the road and stated "you're late". I gave her a funny look, she pointed to the fence and said "he came out 3 days ago and won't leave". At the fence was my old buddy waggin to beat hell and squirming out of his skin like a puppy.

    It was a cold and shitty day with no people around so she broke the rules and let me in for a quick visit. To say I got mauled would be an understatement, he was sooo happy. The other two were indifferent and busy fighting over a bone. When I turned to leave he wandered off.

    The next morning I woke to an indescribable feeling that, (I don't know)... something wasn't right with the universe. It nagged me all day, that night I was close so stopped in on my way home. By then I pretty much knew what the feeling was and was greeted by an empty fence for the first time. He did not come out for food that day, they found him in a den at the back corner of the enclosure....I was the last person to see him alive.

    It may sound corny but to this day I feel his spirit is with me and also a part of me that I will take to the grave.

    So actually, I guess my Fursona met me as much as I met it.

    Sorry for the long post, damn...I've never typed this much in my life.
    Anyhow I guess this was a little look at my Fursona, and also a little look inside me.

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    Kinda yes, but kinda no. I've never seen a gray fox in person, but I was able to pet a fennec fox a few years ago.
    So, that's a 3, I suppose.

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    Yes, I have "met" mine. Since I have specified it as a Eastern Cottontail which are the wild rabbits in the area, I have seen plenty of them. I even caught one once. I always thought they were cute.

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    -.- I will never see a two tailed fox.

    Anyways, I have never seen a fox in my life, and I wish someday I can own one, although they're smelly :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by BernardFx View Post
    -.- I will never see a two tailed fox.

    Anyway, I have seen bunnies, yes. Not lemon yellow ones with blue eyes though :P

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    Koda: I know what you mean about the spiritual connection, I've felt it too. I've never felt closer to "myself" than when I was first face-to-face with a real-life, honest-to-god wolf. Your story made me tear up, too.

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