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    Ok this story may identify me; however, I cannot be the only one with this type of story.

    Recently, I got home late one night, changed and off to bed. Well the next morning I heard the Trash Truck doing his rounds. I had forgot to take the trashcan to the street/dumpster and ran up to meet the driver on the way back through the neighborhood. (one way in ... one way out)

    It was actually a different driver (I think) I caught on the way back out of the neighborhood.

    After flagging him down, I asked if I could throw the trash in the bin and he could take it. Do not like trash hanging around ... and diapers to boot.

    Well I lifted the trashcan to empty it into the bin attached to the front of his truck (he already got out to help me) and I get most of it in the right spot and some onto the street..... along with a few on my OWN Diapers!

    I did not make any comments other then thank you and so forth. But chasing down a (large) rolled diapers as a couple went for a trip was pretty funny and sad.

    Note to self. Take the trash to the bin/street - regardless of how late you get home.

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    Haha, I got a real laugh out of that!

    I've been at home diapered on rubbish day and had to find a pair of pants to quickly throw on over them to catch the rubbish truck before it rumbled off.

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    Can't say it's ever gotten to the point of chasing diapers down, but I have missed trash day a few times. Leads to some very bad smells after a few days...

    Also, I lol'd at your misfortunes with you.

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    nothin like that for me. i usually take it out the night before. but usually i always miss it the day of, unless i happen to be goin to work early and trash them before i leave, but usually i end up trashing them like a few hours after theyve come, yeh so convenient haha.

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