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Thread: Looking for a diaper to suit my needs - quality is a must.

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    Default Looking for a diaper to suit my needs - quality is a must.

    I know there are a lot of threads on a similar topic, and believe me I've spent a while hunting through the forum reading them, but it still hasn't solved my conundrum.

    A few years ago I suffered a severe trauma to my abdomen that damaged the nerves there. As a consequence I suffer from occasional incontinence, when the nerve signals from the lower-half of my body don't get through. It's totally random, and (as of late) hasn't been very frequent, however when this happens I have a near total lack of control, necessitating diapers - and good quality ones at that.

    I had been using the adult nappies sold by Cuddlz, which I thought were an excellent product. However it seems they are (currently) not doing my size in plain white, and I am not a fan of printed designs - so I need to look for alternatives; as although my girlfriend can cope if I get printed ones, between that and the footed sleeper + onesies I got recently (to keep everything in place) we'd both prefer plain/non-printed ones if possible.

    I'm looking at getting the Abri-Form X-Plus diapers. I've heard they have a good reputation, and I assume that they'll be good for both bladder and bowel?

    However at the same time I've read some threads with conflicting information - some say that because they're largely wood-pulp, and not SAP, that there are issues with leakages. This could be a large problem should I need to wear them around my house-mates or into university. Does anyone know how they stack up against the Cuddlz diapers (and I assume Bambinos, since I have been told the two are very similar) in terms of absorbency and leaks?

    One of the things I do like about the Cuddlz nappies, and one of the reasons that I guess I count as a diaper-lover, is that I really like the rustling noise of the material/front plastic "landing zone". Are the Abri-Forms similar to this, or are they made from different materials (i.e. do they rustle)?

    I'm based in the UK and it is a bit costly/impossible to get my hands on the Dry 24/7s and Bambinos that seem to be very popular online. Do Abri-Forms sound like they will suit my needs, or is there another alternative to the Cuddlz diapers that I should be looking at?

    I'm asking because there has been talk that the Abri-Forms have recently changed for the worse (I say recently, but when they switched to the M-4), and also somewhere I found to get them relatively cheaply (at least in comparison to the Cuddlz diapers) only sells them in crates of 42 - so I hope you can understand my reluctance to order them before I have asked around a little bit.

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    Abena M4 (x plus) are great. But they don't have a taping panel like the cuddlz do. If the taping panel is a must, I think your best bet is to try Tena Slip Maxi. They are plenty thick, absorbent, reasonably quiet and feature a taping panel. They don't have designs on them either. Just plain white with lilac.

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    Whilst the Tena do have a front landing zone I find them to be fairly quiet, if you want crinkly I don't know if they'll be your best bet. In my experience whilst the Abena don't have a landing zone, they are noisier than the Tena. I personally prefer to the Tena nappies to Abena, but mainly because they are quieter and to me a little more comfortable.

    Oh, and if you want Bambinos in the UK they are available here: : Items 1 to 3 of 3 items shown in the category 'Bambino Diapers'

    They're costly, but not that much more than the Cuddlz. One of the AB Universe diapers is also available there.

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    you can get the cudlz plain White on eBay in all the sizes

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