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Thread: I graduate HS today!!!

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    Smile I graduate HS today!!!

    After being homeschooled for most of my life, I ended up going to a private HS/boarding school for the last four years. I was as scared as it gets wearing diapers here, but it has been great. I never thought I would make it through, but today is the day!

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    YAY!!!! nice job baseball! good job making it through high school in one piece!
    so now that you're done with that what do you plan on doing this summer and beyond?

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    :applaudes: way-to-go m8, hope you did ok in assesments but,totally ignoring anything like that, graduating, youll love it, and miss your school the moment you leave, just watch and see

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    They have a PG (post graduation) year here that I am probably going to go to, and then it's on to Northwestern.

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    Northwestern? that's a great college to go to, I know a few good friend's (non AB) that go there. Wish ya luck for college and post graduation, Last year when I graduated I was a bit nervous, but I know that you'll do just fine.

    Question, what's your major (class for future job) going to be for college?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Hoorah! I graduate on the 9th n__n
    Congratulations to both of you! It feels like a major accomplishment to finaaly finish HS, at least to me it did after repeating the 10th grade. I wish you both success in your future endeavors.


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    Wooh! I just graduated last night to! *hugs all the fellow graduates* Congrats to us!! Time to grow up...awwu. Well, I can stay little sometimes, and in my mind. I'll never let myself get boring. I hope.

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    I'll throw myself into this too, as I finish college officially tomorrow, although in actual fact I really finish in a couple of weeks (when all my exams are over).
    This is college as in 16-18 college, like the equivalent of the last two years of (American) highschool.
    So yay!

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    [QUOTE=Anon E. Mouse;53455]Wooh! I just graduated last night to!/QUOTE]

    Big Congrats to you, too! I'll bet there's even more members that are graduating this year.


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