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Thread: a great way to make a baby diaper fit comfortably

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    Default a great way to make a baby diaper fit comfortably

    so i was sitting in my bedroom last night, changing my diaper.
    as i looked at the clean pampers diaper in my hand, i wondered,
    'how could i make this fit more comfortably?' then i saw an old white T-Shirt
    hanging in my closet. i suddenly had a great idea!
    so here it is:
    1. get an old T-shirt (white is best but can be any color)
    2.cut 2 reasonably large strips and 2 smaller ones out of the shirt
    3.tear/cut the straps off the baby diaper the 2 big straps to the back and the smaller to the front (i used staples for both) where the straps would be
    5.put the baby diaper on like you would any other diaper
    6. tie the ends of the front and back together on each side in a comfortable
    but snug fashion(double knots are best)
    and there you have it!

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    it's a little foggy what to do, but i think im picturing it right. pretty good idea imo. :tup:

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    glad i could help!

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    interesting idea you got there. i might have to try it ^^

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