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Thread: Can You Remember Ever Having a Bad Babysiter or Nanny?

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    Default Can You Remember Ever Having a Bad Babysiter or Nanny?

    i got this from my favorite local radio station . and well i thought it would be fun to see what others have to say on this topic .
    Do you have a BAD babysitter or nanny story???

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    Uh my babysitter hit me with her car when I was seven years old. I broke my right leg, left arm, nose, lost five baby teeth, and the majority of my body was road rash. After all was said and done, the coma I was in was probably the best part.

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    Uhhh...when I was 5 or so, my babysitter molested me.

    I'm actually laughing at how much of a downer my story is compared to the good-natured tomfoolery that this thread topic was meant to inspire.

    Just call me Buzz Killington.

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    I never had babysitters nor nannies.
    My grandparents or some other family member usually watched me when my parents couldn't do so.

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    Ohh, statik I'm glad you recovered and didn't die!

    The only babysitter I was ever left in the care of was my young cousin. She was too young to babysit. I burned my hands on a grill when she wasn't watching me. I had to go to the hospital and was in these big mitts for weeks. Thanks dad >:[

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    When I was about 5 my then babysitter invited her boyfriend round to my house who stole a large number of my dad's vintage Vinyls, tapes and CDs as well as the wine that my mother inherited from her father.

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    well, apart from having one babysitter who stole all my Girl Scouts fundraiser money, I had another one who forced me to suck her breasts because she liked the feel of it...

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    I can't say i had any bad experiences but woah there are some f*cked up babysitters out there!!!!!

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    I once had a babysitter who let me watch "Animal House" when I was 4 or 5.

    Good times!

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