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Thread: Throwing your used diaper out a car window!

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    Default Throwing your used diaper out a car window!

    This thread is in response to seeing at least 10 used adult diapers littering the area around a roadway in Calgary.

    Do you live in Calgary? Have you been throwing used diapers out your car window along Southland drive (between Blackfoot and Bonaventure)?

    Well STOP IT!

    It is gross! It may excite you to see your diapers on the road and on the sidewalk, but no one else wants to see them. It is a health hazard. Think about the consequences if you are caught doing this. You run the risk of having your name published about how you were wearing a diaper and throwing them out your car window. I am sure your co-workers and family would love reading that about you! Personally, I hope you do get busted if you keep it up. However, you getting busted and people putting 2 and 2 together, realize you have a diaper fetish, this makes the rest of us look bad!

    If you need somewhere to throw your diapers out, then use a garbage can at the gas station, the 7/11, or at the park. Just put them in a garbage can!

    I hope the person who is doing this sees this thread and it serves as a wake up call for them. Now do the right thing, go and get a garbage bag and clean your diapers up!

    Please comment on this post your thoughts of people doing this!



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    i doubt that they are going to read this, sorry, i hope that whoever was doing it owns up and does the right thing.

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    Wow, never thought it's hear this. I agree with you 100% mate, it's gross and a health hazard.

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    we have stupid ppl around r neighborhood that toss empty beer cans out of cars all the time and they wind up on r lawn lots of times. my dad gets super P.O.'ed cause we get stuck having to pick them up, but can't find out who is doing it. never seen a diaper--yet.

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    wow that is pretty gross, i completely agree it does adversely make all dl's look bad

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    yeah thats pretty nasty and just bad for so many reasons. as has already been explained above

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    I totally agree with sentiments already expressed, but why stop at nappies ... fly-tipping in general.

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    i don't even know why you would think about doin that. that's so stupid, i guess some people are just idiots

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    Does traffic get backed up there? Could be some shy people getting desperate and not knowing an alternative way to discard their disposables. On the other hand, you could always put a sign up with a diaper genie ad for a 'subtle' hint...

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    Uh.. not me... XD

    But no seriously. WTF. That's wrong on so many levels. I want to have a little talk with that guy...

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