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Thread: What Kind of Diapers?!?

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    Default What Kind of Diapers?!?

    Ok, I'm just a little too big for the baby diapers now (Pampers Cruisers Size 7 fit me like a glove) and I still am too small for Adult Diapers. I usually go with Goodnites, but I am tired of a pull up type diaper. Are there any other options out there available to me or are Goodnites pretty much about it for a good fit? (Ordering online is not really an option for me) Thanks for the help!

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    i like goodnites, although they are not like baby diapers they fit really good and feel great

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    If you went to a medical supply store they would have real size small adult diapers. Unfortunately that's about you only option for tape ons if you can't order online. Unless you got really lucky and found a Mom and Pop drug store that stocked Attends in all the sizes.

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    Well thats what i was afraid of bc the closest medical supply store is about 45 min away

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    I think they sell small clothbacked disposable diapers at Walgreens or pharmacy stores like that

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    I would think if too small for adult size one buy the youth diaper there one down from adult small diaper and you may
    have to look around but this will show you what talking about.


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